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“Sunflower Garden” How to Make

How to Make Sunflower Garden Door Wreath

How to make a wreath

From Ladybug Wreaths: Summer Door Wreath Physical Book, "Sunflower Garden"

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"Sunflower Garden", Door Wreath Instruction Book, is a printed/physical book. 

When I write books for you and film DVDs to teach you HOW TO MAKE A WREATH, I spend a lot of time getting the correct materials together.  I choose flowers, greens, and filler blossoms which I think you will easily be able to find at local craft and hobby stores, or in wholesale markets.  I do recommend that you read your book all the way through first, so you will know what you might need to purchase in order to get started. 

For example, if I use 3 large flowers, then you should search for 3 large flowers.  The same goes for medium, small, and spiky blossoms.  You can change colors according to your preferences or your decor, but it will be easier to follow along with me the first time, if we are using similar flowers. As you can tell by these photos, this is a very large (XL) and full SUMMER WREATH. 

Looking closely, you can see the loops and curls of fresh honeysuckle – as a matter of fact, there are honeysuckle loops holding the large bird's nest right in the center.  I will show you how to use these fresh honeysuckle loops to your advantage in securing many things into your design such as the bird, nest, and a clay pot or two, and much, much more.  I know… you're saying, but a clay pot is heavy, how can you get one to stay in a wreath?  Well, we certainly can, and it will be so secure that opening and closing your door on which your wreath is hanging will not make it loosen at all.

CLICK HERE to Purchase
Sunflower Garden for $26.97

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There is an art to applying the large flowers such as the sunflowers like you see in this one.  I am so happy to show you all of the tricks and tips I have developed through the years which have made each step easy for me and you too! In this beauty, you'll also find fruit, mosses, greens, flowers, and filler stems.  When you are following me step-by-step, you will be so surprised (after learning all of my tips and secrets) how easy making a wreath can really be.

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I want you to succeed whether you just want to make door wreaths for yourself, friends and neighbors, or you're wanting to do exactly what I do making a living selling online. 

You're more like friends than customers and are very important to me, so I don't hold anything back.  I tell you everything I have learned so that you can succeed at enjoying learning how to make a door wreath

I want to you experience the pleasure you'll feel when making something this beautiful with your own two hands. I will be with you as we go through this learning process.  I describe each and every step as detailed as I possibly can and add large, close-up pictures so the you can see exactly what I am doing.  I want you to enjoy the fact that when your DOOR WREATH is finished, it will be more like a work or art that you will treasure for many years to come!  Even though this wreath is considered an extra large door wreath, I will describe each detail and each step so that anyone can learn to design this beautiful wreath.  From adding large sunflowers among the loops and curls of fresh honeysuckle vine, to lots of fruit, berries, greens, and a bird perched on her nest, you will definitely have a winner when you finish this one. 

how to make a wreath  

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NOTE: You may want to watch me make a summer door wreath.  You can watch me step by step.

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