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“Spring Meadow” Door Wreath

How to Make Spring Meadow Door Wreath


I am Thrilled!  This is quite an honor!

How to Make a Wreath

From Ladybug Wreaths:  Spring Door Wreath Instruction Book "Spring Meadow"

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Spring Meadow for $26.97

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 I spent a lot of time planning, taking photos, and writing descriptions for you as this wreath was made.  I want you to be able to make a wreath as beautiful as this one the very first time you attempt to make a wreath.  That is my goal – that is my desire.  Anyone can learn wonderful techniques, tips, and ideas from my detailed instructions and close-up color photos in this physical book.  The beginner with no experience all the way to the professional designer will benefit from these instructions.  

As always, we start with one of our "wild birch" wreath bases made exclusively for Ladybug Wreaths.  Then we harvest fresh honeysuckle vine so we can put many loops and curls throughout making it look wild and natural. 

If you'll look closely at the photos below, you'll find yellow and rose colored Gerber daisies, white daisies, different forms of yellow fillers, blue berries, and clusters of rose colored berries.  And… did you happen to look right in the center?  We made a loop our of our honeysuckle vine just large enough to hold a bird's nest with the sweetest bird you ever saw!

There are 130 pages of large crisp pictures, and a detailed step-by-step guide.  Whether you are an experienced designer, or just getting started, this book provides you with all of the instructions you need to create a large and beautiful, and very detailed Wreath.

door wreath

CLICK HERE to Purchase
Spring Meadow for $26.97

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With the printed/physical book, you will be able to view instructions at your own pace.  You can stop on each page as long as you like, and go over instructions as many times as needed.  With these instructions, I'll make sure you know how to securely attach a pick to a stem, how to make sure your bird and bird's nest are anchored securely, and how to add loops and curls of fresh honeysuckle vine, along with much, much more!

You can purchase your own supplies in colors which match your decor.  This instruction is an invaluable learning tool.  It will be very easy to substitute your own supplies by descriptions.  So simple, in fact that you can view the pictures I provide, then purchase the stems, birds, critters, etc. that you want to use. 

For this size wreath, you can substitute same or similar size flowers in any colors.  You can also use these same instructions to make a much larger wreath.  The detailed steps you will follow will be the same whether making a small or a large wreath. You can be assured that a professional with many years of experience is teaching you. I am an established designer with over 20 years of experience gained from owning an upscale Floral and Design business. I taught countless night classes in floral design and bow making during my years in business. I am thrilled to be able to share with you the tips and secrets that I’ve learned and developed over the years.

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Watch me make a summer door wreath here.

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