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Yard Sale Treasures

From Trash to Treasures

Find Yard Sale Treasures With Me

how to make wreaths with yard sale treasures
With this eBook, you can redecorate your home for pennies!
You will learn how to find amazing pieces you can sell for unbelievable prices.
Find treasures you can sell on Amazon, FBA just like I do!


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Join me as I show you my amazing YARD SALE TREASURES!  You will benefit as friends and neighbors want to purchase wonderful trinkets and furniture you have picked up at tag, yard, and estate sales for practically nothing!  I use some of my amazing “finds” in specialty or character wreaths charging great prices for them.  I wrote this book to share tips and secrets letting YOU benefit from my knowledge!
French Country Design

Redecorate your home for pennies? You can! Furnish your home with amazing conversation pieces like me! Find oriental rugs, furniture, pottery, transfer ware, & china! YOU can have all of this in your home or for sale! Yard sale finds were placed among new items in my store. I made a pretty penny on each one of these.

Keep special or unique “Yard Sale Finds” for yourself, sell the rest. The items you sell will more than pay for what you decide to keep!  Let me train your eye to know when to snatch up a deal as you benefit from ALL my tips and secrets!  These will help you distinguish between junk and amazing treasures which you can snatch up immediately with confidence.


video-pictures076There are several tricks I use to find the great “stuff” at yard sales:

  • Go early!  Be the first one there, be friendly
  • Set a budget before you go and make a list
  • Learn prices, shop antique stores to learn good finds and pricing
  • Offer a lower price without insulting the host
  • Look at the lines of a furniture piece – not the paint or wobbly legs


Some Photos of My Yard Sale Finds:

DSC_0101-1_edited-1Don’t ever pass up frames; they are easy to paint and can be so beautiful!  Look how beautiful this table turned out.  I love the shape and style of it, and I loved painting daisies and butterflies.

Be sure to train your eyes to look to pottery.  One of my most favorite pieces had been used as a planter and was covered with dirt all over.

I never knew there was a sweet yellow finch attched to the rim until I cleaned out all the dead leaves of a plant.  Grab a book so you’ll know Majolica, Hull, and other pottery names.

You can definitely find some pieces which are worth quite a lot.




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