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“Ribbons & Bows” (Make Wreath Bows)

Bows for Wreaths

How Would You Like to Make Your Own Beautiful Bows for Your Wreaths?
Well, I guarantee I can have you making your own bows in less than an hour!

Ribbons & Bows DVD
Ribbons & Bows has become my MOST Popular DVD
We will have so much fun making bows together! 

You have my “Personal Guarantee” that “You Can Do It”!
I’ll have YOU making your own bows in no time!


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Nancy with Ribbons

 “Ribbons & Bows”

Let me teach you to design these beautiful bows!

Learn to tie your own beautiful single, double, and triple ribbon bows!
Just imagine; you’ll be able to make bows for your home as you decorate for Christmas.
You’ll be able to make bows for gifts, for wreaths, and so much more!

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Bows filled with many yards of ribbon and many loops and curls will really make your wreath or other projects outstanding.  Everyone needs to learn to make a bow!  In the many years that I taught classes in my shop, I began to notice that my customers just could not seem to catch on to the bow-making process as quickly as I wished they could.  So, I developed some very different, but effective, tips and tricks, along with a pattern which made this process so quick and easy that anyone could do it.  And yes, I CAN really teach you to make a bow in less than an hour.  This video shows each technique several times so that you can easily and quickly understand how to tie your own bows.

How to Make a Wreath Bow, or a Tree Topper

I will be teaching you to make single, double, and triple ribbon bows.  You will learn how to attach them to a blank wreath tucking the greens and blossoms in and around each loop.  In addition, you’ll learn how to anchor your streamers to the wreath giving it a finished look.  This video has extra-close shots of the ribbon-making process, showing you how I hold the bow and curl each loop around while twisting it.

Learn to make bows for wreaths and tree toppers

I do guarantee that you will learn to make a bow in less than an hour.  I have not had a customer yet that can not learn!  As a matter of fact, many customers email and call me because they are so excited at how easy I have made this process for them.



NOTE: Use your bow skill now with this ‘How to Make a Wreath‘ DVD set!


  1. Debbie Fields

    Hi Nancy. I follow you on Facebook and I love your videos. I’m looking to buy CD’s on ALL different wreaths and bows to make. I want to learn the different types of wreaths & bows. Also can you give me some ideas where I can buy materials at whole sale. Thank you, Debi. My E-mailed is

  2. Sharon Turner

    Hi Nancy I just love all the things that you make. I want to join your inner circle but before I do I need to know if Canadian residents buy supplies from your secret vendors? Thank you and God bless.

    • Nancy Alexander

      Hi Sharon!

      I do have a few companies who ship to Canada in My Secret Vendors. I think that should help!

      Thanks, Nancy


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