Overcoming Obstacles & Obtaining Success:

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“Inspirational Success Stories…”

by,  Jim Cockrum…


Linda and I had a surprise yesterday!  Jim Cockrum, author of (101FreeMarketing.com), sent out his weekly newsletter which reaches over 100,000 people.  The subject:   “Inspirational Success Stories, Lost Bets, and Great Biz Ideas For You…”  There is a section in Jim’s newsletter about my business.  I believe this is the fourth time Jim has written about me and my business in his newsletter!

We thought you might enjoy reading this excerpt from Jim’s newsletter:

(Thank you so much, Jim, for all of the help and encouragement through the years…!)


Overcoming Obstacles & Obtaining Success:

“If you are anything like me you love hearing stories of successful people who have had to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to beat the odds before finally achieving their goals.

I’m drawn to such people and I love cheering them on!

 …Meet Nancy…

“In spite of numerous physical challenges, Nancy has built a thriving online business that keeps on growing by leaps and bounds.

In chapter 25 of my “Free Marketing” book (101FreeMarketing.com), I share her story, but there’s been some great updates since then!

A few days ago, Nancy conquered yet another fear and spoke in front of a group that had eagerly asked to hear her story of success online.  Her business is expanding rapidly, as well as the way she’s done it, so it is sure to inspire you!

Watch this if you need some motivation, encouragement, or fresh ideas:


Nancy is also a perfect example of someone who took the simple lessons I teach in my “SilentSalesMachine.com” book and RAN with it.  Her unbelievable results have their roots in that simple book.”

A Note From Nancy

I didn’t give Linda long to get over “jet lag”, as our days and nights were completely filled.

Our entire first day was filled with many hours of taking notes and discussing options with our new coach, Barb Wade.  As we discussed these options and outlines, we were considering the growing needs of our coaching students and followers in http://www.LadybugWreaths.com, and http://www.BestOfNancy.com.

I ‘m not at liberty to release all the details and plans yet, but they will be coming soon.  Needless to say, Linda and I are THRILLED to be able to change our business to encourage and assist you in “Making Your Dreams Come True”!

We worked very hard that day, as we went into the night working on our speeches for the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce.  Their brunch was targeted toward business women and how they could take their businesses online, by using (among other things), social media.

These business women wanted to hear my story.  They wanted to know how I was beating a 30-year long chronic illness and they wanted to know how they could “beat the odds” and enjoy a profitable online business.  These were the things Linda and I prepared to discuss with around 50 amazing women.

Although very exciting, I was terrified about speaking in public.  Linda, on the other hand, is an experienced speaker — experience she developed as she worked in middle management of IBM for many years.  Linda had a few notes and bullet points on one piece of paper.

My speech was completely typed out, three pages, word-for-word, making sure I wouldn’t forget what to say.

But… guess what?  God calmed my fears and gave strength to my voice that day, as I looked at my notes so infrequently.  When I did look down, I realized I wasn’t even going by what I had spent hours writing.  I was able to just speak from my heart… 🙂

Look below, if you would like to view the video my sweet husband filmed of our speech.

Nancy & Linda of Best of Nancy.com Speak at the Chamber of Commerce

Introducing Amanda!


No, This is NOT Amanda… Just an Overwhelmed Me!

I am so thrilled with how the Lord has been blessing my business!  I really love working with all of you and am thrilled to see your successes.  You know I have been hinting at new and exciting changes that are coming soon for my business…


there is one drawback to this success:  As you can see in the picture above, I am overwhelmed with all of the work my business is dishing out.

I just don’t have time to do everything myself, so I have had to start making changes in what I handle and what I outsource.

Sigh…as much as I want to, I can’t answer every email or phone call.  I LOVE hearing your stories and helping you, but it is taking more time and strength than I have.  I now have an assistant.  Her name is Amanda.

Amanda will start answering some of my emails and returning some of my phone calls.  Please be patient as we work through our growing pains, as we are making changes in our business.  Even though we have worked out the process, there could be hiccups.

So, don’t be surprised to see a response from Amanda!  (She is very sweet, and you will like her.)

~Nancy~  PS: If you are in BestOfNancy.com, don’t worry.  I will still be in the forum to answer your questions!


Watch for “Secret Vendor List” Update… Coming Soon!

Nancy...Secret Vendor List Update!

I want to keep you up to date about the newest revision of “Secret Vendor List”.  This fourth revision is coming soon!

I am still editing the videos which will be ready next week!  As always, after you have purchased the “Secret Vendor List” once, you get FREE updates on everything!  That is… if you filled in your information (name and email address), on the download page when you received it.

I already have many ladies purchasing the “Secret Vendor List”, so you’ll automatically receive the revision the day it is released. Purchase “Secret Vendor List” .  The price is $167.00 for the entire book, including all revisions.  As in the last revision, you will receive a set of downloadable videos showing you items and prices.  This seems to be the most popular way to get this information to you — it is so visual and informative.

We were very lucky this time to be accompanied by one of the owners of my “Secret Vendor” location. He really talks about their items, pricing, and most popular styles, and colors for the season.  You Certainly DO NOT want to miss this update!

And… I will be showing you the largest selection of DECO MESH that I have ever seen, at the best prices I have ever seen!


More Comments From Faithful Followers:

Comments & Testimonials From Faithful Followers

“Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve to surprise everybody…it will be sooooo exciting, I know!  ~Judy~

“Can’t wait for your up and coming ideas!! I love deco mesh & am very interested in seeing new ideas and materials.  Enjoy your visit with Linda — sounds like your “soul sister”! ~Lynn~

“I am so happy for all of you.  You are a busy lady and I appreciate all the hard work you put into the things you offer to us.  Thank you so much!  This is all so exciting.  I love flowers too.  I eat, drink and sleep flowers.  I think you know what I mean!  Anyway, congratulations to you and may God Bless. ~Janice~ 

“Nancy & Linda are two of my mentors.  They are unbelievable.  They encourage, lead, teach, and touch my life every single day.  I thank them for being amazing ladies.  I was lucky enough to be in on the Best of Nancy from the very first day.  Their excitement is infectious.  They really do care about everyone in the group.  I am so happy they finally were able to meet in person!  Thanks for the video.  I’ll see you in the forums, and can’t wait to see the video of you at the Chamber of Commerce! ~Susan~




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  1. Am so excited to be getting the next installment of “The Secret Vendor List”. I know as soon as it arrives I will check it out. Always well done and over the top informative. Thanks, Nancy!

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