New to Etsy, What First?

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Etsy With Nancy

Are you New to Etsy?

If so, what were your expectations when you first set up you Etsy Shop and listed your first handmade items?


Maybe you thought…etsy.logo[1]

  • Only .20 per listing? I can do that!
  • 3.5% when an item sells is great!
  • My friends Mary & Sue say I should try it!
  • They’re making lots of money each month!
  • 1.4 million sellers on Etsy do the same thing, so can I!
  • I didn’t research selling on Etsy, but it seems easy. I can do that!
  • Wow, is that all there is to opening a shop?
  • I know there are other sections I can fill out, but I don’t have time now…
  • I am ready to sell, I can do all that other stuff later!


If you tried it this way, how did it work for you? Are you sitting back now and waiting for sales? I’m afraid you will have a long wait!


If You Set up an Etsy Shop
With the Above Expectations
I’m Afraid You’re Set Up For Failure!


It’s like setting up a website and thinking… “they will come” but…  They don’t, do they?

  • You have to do something to let potential customers know that you’re even there.
  • You have to announce you’re selling something special.
  • Do you throw a party and not send out a single invitation?
  • What about an announcement for a baby shower?
  • Invitations for a wedding or wedding shower are a must…


Are you on Social Media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus?
What’s that? You don’t have time for it?
Well, then… I am SO sorry, but you are set up for failure.
Without social media online today to promote what you do and what you sell, you won’t make it!
If you list it… They Will NOT Come!


It is up to you to let friends and potential customers know you are now selling your special, handmade items. Do others know you? Do they know you have a very special gift making… what?

Stay tuned to “Etsy With Nancy”, a series of articles about how to begin selling!



2 Responses

  1. I do so want to get on the internet and sell my items. I want to learn how to make professional wreaths and I also make scented soy candles. I’e made christmas wreaths a few years but nothing like what you produce. I don’t know how to get started to selling and have wanted so much to do so but I’m not that computer smart. I so want to get a business going because I truely love making things I love crafts. I was watching deco mess tutitorials and you came on . You got my attention right away your very inspiring, I am a caregiver for a 83 ole man (such a swweetheart) but not sure how much longer I can continue so I am going to call it a night for I have church at 8am will get back here after church thank you for for your inspiration

    1. Thank you Cheri for your comment. You most certainly can learn wreath design and sell those along with your scented soy candles online.

      Do you know about our Community, Best of Nancy? We have many members and truly enjoy watching our students learn how to grow their own profitable businesses. To check it out:

      We also ha

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