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My Newsletter

I am working very hard at sending out my Ladybug Wreaths newsletter on a much more regular basis.

I wrote this article for my latest newsletter, so thought you might be interested in reading it:

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Decorating on a Budget:

Are you ready for a new look, but just can’t afford to redo
everything at once?  There are a couple of major things you can do
which will not be expensive, but will make such a big difference in
your living space.

First:  I know you have heard this before, and probably think you
don’t have time, or it’s such an ordeal, or that you really can’t
afford it right now.  Have you guessed what I am referring to?  If
you guessed paint, well, you are exactly right.

If your room is dark or drab, or so bold that it’s downright
irritating, then it certainly is time for this kind of a change.
I’m telling you, a couple of gallons of paint can make such a
difference; it will make your room look like it has totally been
redone.  And that’s without recovering or buying any new furniture.

Here are several tips on paint.  I always buy Benjamin Moore paint.
It costs a little more, but it covers exceptionally well.   If you
take your time, buy as good a paint brush as you can afford (none
of these .99 specials!!), and a little more expensive roller with a
little nap on it (awh, come on now, how much can a nice roller
cost?), then you can do a professional job yourself.  If you are
not making a drastic change on paint colors, one carefully applied
coat will probably be enough.  Most professionals say always use
two coats, but remember, we’re trying to change our lives on a

If your doors and moldings look half-way decent, then leave them if
necessary.  However, a little soap and water can make most of them
look like new.  Now, this one step has saved you lots of time and
money.  Next, with a nice angled brush, cut in on the walls around
your windows and doors.  This is the step which takes more time,
and you really won’t see how great it’s going to look while you are
tackling this job, but your persistence and hard work will pay off!

Next comes the fun part; where you can really begin to see a
difference in your room… roll the paint on your walls.  Roll
slowly overlapping as you go.  Keep your roller filled from the
paint tray, being careful not to load it too full, or you’ll have
drips.  Get as close to the trim, lapping over where you have
already cut in with your brush and slowly go all the way around
your room.  If you have to stop for a while, never stop in the
middle of a wall – always in a corner.  The same hint applies if
you run out of paint and have to buy another gallon.  Even though
you purchase the exact same color, you can often tell a difference
in colors which are purchased at different times.  So starting and
stopping in a corner takes care of this little problem.

Second:  All right, we have a wonderful, cheerful new color on our
walls – my next tip goes down to the floors.  If you have hard wood
floors that are sort of worn, and most of the shine has
disappeared, a can of Johnson’s paste wax rubbed on and then buffed
can make such a difference.  If you don’t have a buffer, or don’t
want to rent one this was what my mother had my sisters and I do
when we were little.  Sounds a little silly, but it worked!!  We
put on two or three thick socks on each foot and started rubbing and
sliding… also a nice thick pair of sweat pants can really cushion
your tush, and you can slide around on your bottom for a while.
We had a ball doing it and when we were through, the floors were
shining.  Now, I am 58 years old, and those were the old days folks,
so most people have access to a buffer now. lol

If you have carpet instead of hardwood floors, then an area rug is
the answer.  I know, you’re already saying, “but we’re doing this
on a budget, right?”  Yes you are, and I don’t mean go out to a
store and look for a brand new rug.  It’s time to get out to yard
sales ladies.  My most favorite rugs that I own have come from yard
sales and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything.  The prices found
are sometimes breath-taking…. as you’re walking away with your
treasure…. you have this weird feeling like, “Wow,did I just
steal this beauty?”

Just last Saturday, at 7 a.m., as I walked up to my first yard
sale, I found a 100% wool Persian rug for my sister.  I have
shopped rugs enough to know when I find an exceptional one, and
believe me… this was it.  This rug was made around 1920, and is
still in perfect condition.  I know this one will last for years
and years to come – probably even generations to come.   It is 12′
by 14′, and was so heavy that my hubby couldn’t pick it up by
himself.  I paid $100.00 for it, but if I had it for sale when I
used to own my shop, the asking price would have been at least
$1,500 to $1,600.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and spend $100 on a yard sale
rug, unless you find an exceptional bargain like I did.  But I see
plenty of rugs all of the time that are $10 to $50 each.  So, get
out and get looking.  My theory is that God always provides what we
need, and He truly does!




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