Make a Two Ribbon Bow

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Join Me, Let's Make a Two Ribbon Bow Together!

I would love to share some
of my own Bow Tying secrets with you today. 

If you're like me and my family, you're rushing around decorating and preparing for Christmas much later than you intended. 

And, I'm sure you're pulling out wreaths that were packed up carefully (you thought), but are now finding out that your beautiful bows got really smashed!  Oh, and what about your mailbox bow, your bows for your staircase, and the railing on your front or back porch?  Are they really sad looking, and in need of being replaced?

Honestly, I was surprised when Steve got ours down from the attic.  They are all going to have to be replaced.  If you really want to know the truth, mine needed to be replaced two years ago!  I KNOW!  Absolutely awful, isn't it?  Well, I'm sure you've all heard of the story of the cobbler and shoes for his family… Well, that's us!!

I just happen to be very blessed to have a studio full of ribbon as well as the expertise to make my own bows.  That really makes life much simpler at this time of year.

I want you to feel confident when getting ready to decorate; to feel confident that you can tie another bow very quickly; you can switch them out on your wreath; then enjoy a gorgeous wreath as you welcome friends and family during this exciting Holiday Season!

Today I want to Share This Very Special
Bow-Making Video With You!

This one is very special!  It is so easy to follow, that you'll wonder why you haven't been making all your own bows way before now!

Actually, you can fill a wreath just with ribbon like I did in this video above, and photo below.  Don't put anything else in your wreath if you wish, and it will be absolutely gorgeous… as you can see!


Have fun decorating your home!  My thoughts will be with you as you view this instructional video, and I certainly want to see photos of your wreaths and your bows when you are finished!

Remember… I Know YOU Can Do It!!

Smiles… Nancy




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  1. Good to hear from you, Nancy.  This video is such a nice addition to your "Ribbons & Bows" video.  Nancy, I have to say, "You just know you've had a wonderful day when you hear from Nancy".  Thanks for touching base.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas.  I keep peaking at your website to see if you've added additional videos and look forward to receiving others in the future.  Take care!!!  Karen

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