Let’s Party!…Your Celebrations, Your Way, Vol 2

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Springtime Brings

Weddings, Parties, Receptions…
Events, BBQ’s, Cook-Outs That Fill Your Calendar!

Are you a DIY sort of gal?  You know… one who LOVES to plan and decorate?  I certainly am!

If you’ll remember last week we learned how to tie a gorgeous burlap, and burlap – chevron ribbon bow around the back of a special “party” chair!  Can you believe how wonderful this natural 6 inch burlap looks with my brand new pink and white chevron – burlap ribbon layered on top?  Inviting, don’t you think?

This week, we will learn how to put together a quick and easy centerpiece for your table.  And, next week, we’ll have another extra special decorating idea. You’ll notice in the video I filmed for you that I did this only on one side of my globe… but, guess what?  You can do the exact same thing on both sides for a round table so all your guests can enjoy it.


In This New Series, I’m Giving You a Little

Help With DIY “Party” Ideas


Many of us love to do things ourselves.  We love it because we are crafty “DIYers”, and because we want to save money while creating an exciting, professional-looking party atmosphere.  I know you worry that you may not do it well enough to impress your guests. Well, you don’t have to worry any more!  I am here today to tell you that YOU definitely CAN do this!  Plan ahead and throw a party that will be a “talk of the town” event.  Shhhh…. It will be our secret!  So, Let’s get started, shall we?


I Filmed a Special Video Showing You How to Make

This Sweet Table Centerpiece for “Your” Party!

Decorated Candle Globe

This was SO simple and easy… you will not believe it!   Candle globes like this can be purchased very cheaply.  They are everywhere… in all the discount stores, in the hobby and craft stores… and come in many different sizes.  Candles are also inexpensive.  In this demonstration video, I happened to use a battery candle I had in my home.  You have so many choices when it comes to candles.  To me, there is something which really makes this one different and special.  Do you know what it is? If you guessed the beautiful chevron and burlap ribbon to your right, then you are exactly correct.  Spend your money on a special, showy ribbon.  Spend less on the flower heads, the filler, globes, and candles.

This is a real attention getter!  Don’t forget… I now sell these beautiful ribbons in my new Amazon Store!  Have fun designing your own special centerpiece!


12 Responses

  1. I would love to chat and talk to learn more. I have enjoyed watching your videos and reading all about you. You have been an answered prayer for my life just meeting you in the videos. Gods amazing grace for sure. Wanting to start making wreaths since I have not been able to work for 10 yrs due to health reasons. Now I am hoping to start a business like this. Praying for Gods grace to help me to get started.

    1. Frances, thanks for your comment in Ladybug Wreaths.

      We do have more than one way you can access me more, and ask questions.

      The first is our community: http://www.BestOfNancy.com. We have a large group of

      women who talk and encourage each other as they are getting their wreath-making

      businesses going.

      Also, I offer one-on-one coaching. If you are interested in finding out more about that,

      just contact me: info@LadybugWreaths.com

      Blessings… Nancy

  2. Just lovely! Great for a dinner table at home too. Married my daughter off last year but this would have been so cute on those tables…darn!

  3. Clicked on ribbons and bows to check prices. Can’t seem to locate it. No Amazon site either. Need your input.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa… always happy to hear that you love my tips and ideas!

      Yes, I am better, but have a ways to go yet. Thanks for asking!

      Smiles… Nancy

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