Let’s Make Christmas Wreaths, Are You Ready?

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Let’s Make Christmas Wreaths…
Are You Ready?


Fall Door Wreaths by Ladybug Wreaths

Beautiful Brand New Fall Wreaths, by LadybugWreaths.com

Please forgive me that this newsletter is late going out this week.  If you have looked at Facebook lately, you know we spent this last week at the beach!  We had a wonderful time with our children and grandchildren.  There were several warm days tucked in-between colder, rainy days, but that didn’t slow us down.

It was so nice to catch my breath while enjoying all of the blessings we sometimes get busy and take for granted.  Late Wednesday afternoon, I left Steve walking further along the beach looking for sharks teeth, deciding I would join the rest of our family back at our condo.  There was one lowly chair left by out crew, and instead of tucking it under my arm as I walked back up to the condo, I was overwhelmed, and had to sit to take in all that was around me.

I was in awe and amazement at the massiveness and power of the ocean as I watched the waves crash to shore.  That’s when I saw them — they had been in front of me all along — but not seen until that very moment. They were the smallest little birds with the tiniest feet and legs running so very fast.  My eyes could hardly follow them.

I thanked God as I sat in my chair that day with the sun going down and the breezes getting colder.  Along with this great, massive ocean, God had also created these tiny “shore birds”  who chased the waves out, and then ran as they came crashing back in again.

I was reminded that day that God — in all of His power and majesty — loves us enough to take care of the ‘small stuff’ – the seemingly unimportant things that fill our lives.  I was SO VERY grateful that day at that very moment for my life, my husband, my family, my health and all of you who mean so much to me.


Why am I Filming So Many Videos Right Now?

I’m sure you must be wondering… “Why are you filming so many videos lately, right?”

Well, actually, NOW is the perfect time for you to begin purchasing your supplies to make your Christmas Wreaths, whether you are making them for yourself, for gifts, or to sell.  The Christmas supplies in wholesale and retail locations are all in, and most will not be receiving any more shipments.

So, for a few more weeks, I will be trying to film at least one video per week.  I have had so many requests for different types and styles that I have MANY ideas floating around in my head.

But, I want to hear from you too! What you want to see in a video is VERY important to me.

So, if there is a certain Christmas video you want me to film, please drop an email to:  nancy@LadybugWreaths.com, and in the subject line, please type… “Christmas Video Ideas”.

I will take each of these into consideration, and see how many people request certain ones when I am actually making the final decision as to which ones I’ll be filming.

Here is a List of Newly Filmed Videos…
Purchase at a Low Price For a Limited Time!


 “Deco Mesh Christmas”

“Deco Mesh Christmas” is over ninety minutes long!  I teach you how to use Deco Mesh in a really easy way starting with a very inexpensive ‘work wreath’.

We then add two different types of Deco Mesh along with Ribbons, Christmas balls, Glittering Berries, and Glittery Lime Green Leaves!

Believe me — You Will LOVE This One!

And, for a limited time, price is still ONLY $29.97 for this downloadable / viewable video!!




“Pumpkin Table Arrangement”

“Pumpkin Table Arrangement” video is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Learn to make this colorful fall arrangement for Fall and Thanksgiving!  I’ll show you exactly how to do it!  It will be so much fun and so easy!

This is another downloadable / viewable video which will be available to you immediately after your purchase!



“Fun With Ribbons” Vol 1 and Vol 2
(Bonus of Vol 2 for Short Time Only…)

“Fun With Ribbons” Vol 1 shows you how to make a large bow and anchor it to your wreath…
And… I also teach you how to make a large Christmas Ribbon Wreath that is FULL of many different types of ribbons, Christmas Balls, and Glittering leaves.

This one is a little different from the Deco Mesh video because I am using a green Christmas wreath base, and only a little deco mesh ribbon along with many others.  You’ll find this one so easy to make.  And, in addition, you’ll learn how to tie a beautiful bow!

This beauty also has glittering Christmas balls, as well as glittering multi-colored leaves.

Believe me — You Will LOVE This One!

And, for a limited time, price is still ONLY $29.97 for this downloadable / viewable video!!


YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE “Fun With Ribbons” Vol 2!



I would love for you to browse my Etsy shop.
It is filled with many beautiful Fall & Christmas Wreaths!


Comments From Faithful Followers…

Thank You Nancy!  Recently purchased your Secret Vendors List and have found it to be extremely helpful.  Have made some purchases from several o Tulips for inspiration... f these vendors and was so pleased with the products I ordered.  Just wanted you to know that your list is well worth the purchase price and peace of mind.  Thank you again! ” ~Carra~

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I am so thrilled to be given this opportunity to learn from the “best of the best”!  Because of the two of you, Nancy and Linda, I have been given the confidence to do what I do.  I feel truly blessed and I am so excited.  This is not only a dream come true for an opportunity of a lifetime.  In case I didn’t say it!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”  ~Chris~

“Dear Nancy, I just literally finished watching your last ‘Fun With Ribbons’ video and 2 minutes later checked my email and there was an email from you.  I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching them.  I have been making bows and wreaths for years.  People always admire my bows and wreaths, but in watching your free video on YouTube, and then purchasing ‘Fun With Ribbons’, I have learned even more and been able to take my work to another level — so Thank You Very Much!”  ~Regards, Janet~




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