Let Me Teach You How To Add Fruit to a Wreath

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How do you add fruit to a wreath that doesn’t have a stem?

Many of you have asked me how to anchor a piece of fruit into a wreath so securely that it will NOT come out.  You’ll find if you pull and tug on each piece of fruit in a wreath that I design, they don’t move – they don’t jiggle – and they don’t fall out!  I’m sure you want to know:  “what is your secret?”  Well, I’m going to tell you by using some examples and pictures of my “Plantation Charm” book!

In The Five Steps Below, I’ll Teach You

How to Add a Peach to Your Wreath!

STEP 1 – You’ll need a 6 inch pick and an artificial peach (or some other form of fruit).  Push the sharp end of the pick into the peach to create a hole.

(If the peach or other piece of fruit that you are using is very hard, you might have to use a nail and hammer to make a 1 inch deep hole.)

STEP 2 – Pull the pick or nail back out filling the empty hole with hot glue.

– After adding glue in the hole,  reinsert the pick – pushing in tightly.  Remove the wire on the other end of the pick by cutting the end into a point.

STEP 4 – Place the peach in your wreath and push it in securely to the spot you have chosen.  You might have to use a little force if needed to make it fit tightly.

I usually add some glue to the pick, and also around the base of the peach where the peach will touch the wreath.

STEP 5 Secure your peach with glue and place a pinch of moss around the pic to hide it.

This is just one of many amazing
tips and secrets I have to share with you!

I have many Instructional DVDs, Published Books, Kindle Books, and Downloadable Videos to teach YOU

How to make your own beautiful wreaths designs!

How Would You Like to…

  • Make your own beautiful wreath with your own two hands?
  • Look forward to waking up in the morning because you have something exciting that you can’t wait to do?
  • Have friends and neighbors asking you where you purchased the gorgeous wreath hanging on your front door?
  • Feel the joy of having others asking if they can hire you to make beautiful wreaths for them?


You Can Learn All of This with “Plantation Charm”
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These are wonderful and exciting feelings that you CAN experience!

As I always Tell My Students:

“I know You Can Do it – As a Matter of Fact – I Am SURE You Can!




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  1. Thank you.I am making a faux Williamsburg wreath for a charity auction .It has faux apples, pears and your tip makes me confident the fruit will not fall out.
    Love the wreath pictured.Beautiful!

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