Learn To Make a Valentine’s Day Wreath

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Let me Teach You to Design a Heart Shaped
Wreath Using a Round Wreath Base!


I would love teaching you how to make a gorgeous heart shaped wreath, in the form of a downloadable video, just in time for Valentine's Day! You'll go wild over this vibrant, beautiful wreath! This is such an easy video to follow as you learn how to make a heart shaped wreath using a round wreath base!

In this 70 minute downloadable video, you'll be able to add loops of fresh wild honeysuckle giving it that wonderful "wild and woodsy" look! Follow my simple steps to create a bow and then securely anchor the wooden heart into your wreath. I can't wait to teach you how to add greenery and flowers in just the right way creating a wonderful heart shape! No one will ever know you did it all on a round wreath base!

These heart shaped wreaths aren't just for Valentine's Day! Imagine creating one for a little girl's room or even for a powder room! What a special touch to add to any room in your home!

Just CLICK HERE to purchase this downloadable video and start creating something beautiful today! 



Such a Beautiful Wreath
With SO Many Details!


You Won't Believe How Very
Simple Designing this Wreath can be!

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