LBW Newsletter 10-6-2010

October 6, 2010


Ladybug Wreaths
Hello!   Our Series…
"Creative Ideas for Small Spaces"…
Is a GREAT Success!  I am Receiving so Many
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This Week…
"Dishes Aren't Just
For Cupboards Anymore!"
I picked a subject for this week that I think you all will LOVE.  If you are like me, you may have plates and platters, as well as cups and saucers stored in your cabinets and cupboards.  I have my mother's china, my aunt's and my grandmother's china plus many other pieces I am drawn to at yard sales and antique stores.  I hold onto my favorites, pulling them out when I am redoing a display somewhere in my home, which is usually the change of a season…or just when a "whim" strikes me! 
Now that I think about it….you probably aren't just like me because I have too much china.  I'm sentimental about stuff like that and even though many of the plates, platters, cups and saucers are worn with tiny cracks, and not useable, I still love them because of their patterns or colors. 
In the picture below, I have one of my favorite platters which belonged to my grandmother.  This one is on a plate stand in our guest bathroom.  Just look at the picture below — it looks so pretty!
This platter is so simple and elegant.  It is hand-painted with a single blue flower, a couple of stems and a few green leaves.  I keep a pot right beside it which contains blue irises with some bulbs…they look so real!  There is a small china dish in front of the platter in blue and white which holds cotton balls.


Then on the other side of the sink, you'll find another vase.  It was also my grandmother's.  It is such a rich shade of blue and, as a matter of fact, I think it is the exact same blue which is in the platter.  It has a very small neck, so this was the vase we always used for fresh pansies — and, of course, I keep up that same tradition.


A platter is one thing which you would never think to find in a bathroom, but just look how sweet it is
 Small "vignettes" with special treasures, which really don't belong where they are displayed, are a key in decorating with style and flair!




In this picture, which was taken last Christmas — as you can tell, you'll find more "special plates"! Look how sweet these small and colorful plates look hanging on the wall under an old antique mirror.  
I found these beauties with flower bouquets painted on them at a yard sale.  I just love the colors, and move them around from time to time because they look equally as good anywhere I hang them.
Let's talk about the other special items you see in my picture.  How do you like this cute little yellow dresser with blue hydrangeas hand-painted on it?  Yes…from another yard sale…and I only paid $10 for it, but that is because it was painted fire engine red and no one else saw the pearl in the rough that was underneath that bright paint.
The mirror hanging above was my mother's.  It was in a shiny gold oval frame.  Well, with my "granny white" paint, and my palm sander for distressing, I took care of that color!!  I just love to paint and then sand some back off — so much fun!
Sitting on the dresser is a small, delicate, clear glass hobnail lamp with a tiny hobnail vase sitting beside it. The vase belonged to my grandmother.  I have about 6 of these — many of which came from her.  At times, I have lined these up on my kitchen windowsill and put fresh cuttings of mini-leaf ivy in them to root.  They looked great!
IMPORTANT TIP:  Hold onto items which mean a lot to you.  These may be treasures which belonged to relatives or pieces which catch your eye at yard sales and flea markets.  Arrange small vignettes throughout your home mixing colors and styles.  Everyone will enjoy these inviting displays throughout your home — you, most of all!


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