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Whew…..We Are Really There!!
I have missed you.  Talking with my dedicated customers is what keeps me going in this business.  I hope all of you are doing well.  Football season is here and for many of you that means attending or watching football games.  We have already hosted our first "football tailgate party" of the season with friends and loved ones.  For all of us, this change in the weather means the cool, brisk feelings of autumn…my favorite time of year. 
Last week, we talked a little about one of the reasons I love fall so much…its beautiful colors!  Which leads me to the subject of this week's newsletter:  "Serving Up Color With Style".  Yes, we're inside our homes this week where we'll spend much of the winter.  So, let's make them as appealing and colorful as we can.
Each of you has special niches in your home that draw you to them when the drab, dull colors of winter arrive.  Perhaps it is because your special colors are cheerful; they make you smile; they warm your heart.  Those colors have worked their magic before pulling you out of the "blahs" and lifting your spirits.

I too, have a spot like that in my home…
let me introduce you to it!
In this newsletter, I want to discuss the colors I use in my favorite spot, my kitchen table…where family and friends gather to enjoy meals and good company!  First of all, I'm sure you can tell I like white.  I love the brightness of light and have many windows — large ones — along with extra tall doors with plenty of glass.  The more light there is in my space, the more my colors seem to "pop".
The table you see was an old "antique find" purchased very cheaply many years ago.  It was painted a really dark, aged color…as a matter of fact, it was so dark and dirty-looking you couldn't even tell what color it was meant to be.  So, we started on that problem immediately.  It took us quite a while to remove paint and old stain from the tabletop, and to sand the rest, so we could paint my favorite color of white on it.  Believe it or not, white shades are hard…there are so many of them out there!  I mixed this shade myself and then took a painted piece of cardboard to my favorite paint store to have more mixed.  We named it "Granny White" after my favorite Granny White, of course!  I have six (6) T-back chairs that don't match…yep, there are three different types here, but you would have never noticed, if I had not told you.
The stool in the left was dark brown when I was a child.  It is now painted "Granny White" with accents of flowers I painted on it with watered-down acrylic paint for my grands to use when our family is together. 

Let's discuss the colors of the china in my hutch…
I have a friend who retired after being an international airline attendant.  After she retired, she was lucky enough to be able to fly to Zurich once a month absolutely free.  She knew all of the best "flea markets" and found the rest of my "impossible to find" "Old Mill Stream" red and white china by Johnson Bros.
I want to point out that even though just the china alone would be pretty, the red and white in my white hutch just wouldn't quite have that pizzaz – it wouldn't have "popped".  So, I started collecting green to add to this hutch.  I just picked up a piece here and there, Fiestaware was given to me for birthdays and other occasions.  I have picked up the small, inexpensive green vases at antique malls, and yard sales. You cannot tell, but I have an old butter churn, ivy, and an antique bird cage on top — it looks great!
I now love the way my china shows up along with the greens.  I have some grapes nestled in among the dishes, along with some pears and strawberries filling a bowl.  Small accents of color can make such a difference in any display in your home.  When I was cleaning out my nick-nacks several weeks ago when I suggested you do the same…I saved smaller accent pieces only because of their color!

Now, I will talk a little about my cute display cabinet with glass shelves.  I want to point out the mix of a few of my eye-catching family treasures  on these shelves.  First of all, I have a small lamp on the top shelf.  When turned on, it shines down through the glass shelves making the colors rich and bright.
There is a mixture of colors, shapes, and items here.  A green cabbage bowl with small cabbage salt and pepper shakers was made by me as a teenager.  Beside it there is my mother's old yellow Hull pitcher with mini-leaf ivy. (No, it's not arranged…just sitting inside).   It is good to use larger plates or platters on plate stands toward the back of some shelves.  Yellow lemons falling out of the fruit bowl provide another hue to this collection.  Right beside the lemons is a very old aluminum milk carrier which displays my old red-handled kitchen utensils, two antique wooden rolling pins, along with another bunch of ivy.  
On the top shelf is a fruit casserole from my every-day china, ivy, a larger bowl on a stand, and a red glass creamer which belonged to my grandmother.  When the light from the lamp hits the red glass creamer, it absolutely glows! 
A garland of green berry clusters drapes across the top and is woven in and out through a Majolica Rooster and Hen which I purchased for a "steal" at a yard sale — $20 for both!!  And, yes…I have another old window propped above.  It is a small square framed window with red paint chipping off.  A dear friend painted chickens on it for me — its one of my FAVORITE things!  This charming display cheers me each day letting me look upon old family treasures with a smile.  HINT:  As I said last week…collect every old window you can!

Whew…..Did I Say We Are There?
Yep, you got it!  That's what I said!  We are finally ready to launch this week.  My husband and I have been working night and day putting the finishing touches on this "First of a Kind" project!  This idea came from YOU — that's right — YOU. So many of you have asked me this question over and over and over, that I decided it was time to share what I know — GET READY!
You just will not believe the value of this "Secret Project"!  I can hardly believe it myself.  This huge project along with unbelieveable FREE bonuses will be available to my dedicated readers…Y-O-U…this week.  And the best thing is — since you are my special customer — you will receive an amazing discount off the selling price.


This is the Third Issue of our Six Week Series: 
"Creative Ideas For Small Spaces"
Join me each week for hints and tips on decorating the small spaces in your life and home! 
Let's revive it and give it a new feel and look!

This Inspired Me Today….
 "Hope is that thing with feathers — That perches in the soul — And sings the tune without the words — And never stops at all."  
                                                                                          Emily Dickinson
And talking about inspiration…there is a man who has inspired me in my Internet business more than anyone — his name is Jim Cockrum.  He earns his living from the Internet and he works full-time educating others how to run successful Internet and eBay businesses.  His newsletter is FREE and is filled with much useful information.  I look forward to receiving it every Tuesday.  Sign up for his newsletter and read about his book, "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay", I've read it 4 times!  He has two membership sites so filled with wonderful information as well as inspiration from others who want to succeed in selling on the Internet.  I would not recommend him to you unless I KNEW he could and would inspire you as he has me!!  

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I will give you more ideas in next week's issue of Ladybug Wreaths FREE Newsletter.  And, don't forget, we will be talking about this subject for four more weeks.  I will be posting pictures each week.  We will discuss why I put each grouping together, why I used certain colors, and what is pleasing to the eye.
Start thinking of your plans for fall decorating, including arrangements, pumpkins, scarecrows, and more!  I already am and we'll talk more about that very soon.  Fall is such a fun season leading into Halloween! 
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
You'll never guess what we've been working on!
Blessings… Nancy  Visit my new blog!
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