LBW Newsletter 12-2-2010

Use Your Imgination!

I want to show you some cute ideas that might help you in your Christmas decorating this year! As most of you know by now, I really, really like cute old things that are rustic, and antique; items which may have belonged to family members, or that I have found at yard sales. These interesting "treasures" make such a difference when you are decorating a small vignette in your home. They have so much character, and mixed with a few of your newer items can help you in coming up with very interesting Christmas decorating ideas.

Just look at this picture of a small table in my home…and yes…it did come from a yard sale! Anyway, what I really want to point out to you is the old Toms Peanut jar right in the center!

Our family has a tradition where we make something that my husband's Mom calls "trash". This "trash", or trail mix as a lot of people call it, is really just a mixture of Chex mix, pretzels, M&M's, and lots more!
My antique peanut jar is the perfect thing to serve our "trash" out of. On this same table, is my Mother's antique lamp with an old red shade. It is really too short for this table, so, as you can see, I used a stack of my gardening books to raise it up to the right height. Here is a wonderful hint: always…always buy interesting gardening or bird books at yard sales, and books with beautiful covers! It doesn't really matter what is in them or if you'll ever look at them. I have used these in displays throughout my home as the perfect addition when I am putting a grouping together.
Let's look at the picture above. I am leaving this picture just a little bigger because I really want you to see the details in this one.
First, take a look at this old box. It is so old that it is put together by dowels…no nails or glue. I wish you could see the old forged hinges on the top and back, and then you would really know how old this one is. My husband's grandfather kept nails in it for many years in his blacksmith shop.
This is really one of my favorite things to work with and try out different ideas on. Normally during the year, I keep a bunch of ivy to the right and trailing out the side, and down the edge of my table. Then I keep some of my bird, and gardening books standing up in it. Can you see the large bird nest with eggs and the two real-looking birds on the side? So cute, aren't they?
This is very easy to adapt to a Christmas display. All I did was stand up my red metal, glittering Christmas tree in the back, add a few Christmas greens with red berries on top of the ivy that was already there, and then include my sweet Santa Elf! Isn't he wonderful? He bends in all directions, and I have three, so you might find one holding onto the side of my mixer in my kitchen, or hanging upside down from a light which hangs over my island, or sitting in an antique box such as this one is. These are so much fun, and they find different homes each and every Christmas Season!
Here is a picture of the shelf the antique box sits on. I am always changing it, but you can see I don't clear everything off to decorate for Christmas – I just add Christmas items to what is already there. This works much better…looks pretty…and lots less work.


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