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Nancy Alexander

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Fresh Greens at Christmastime:
Quick & Easy… Outdoor Arrangements
My Very Special Wreath:
I Used My Grandmother's Old Lights, Ornaments, and Yard-Sale Ornaments
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Fresh Greens at Christmastime!

Quick & Easy… Outdoor Arrangements

A few years ago when our home was on a tour of homes, my plan was to get gorgeous new containers for the outside of our home. I wanted to place them throughout our garden, in the breezeway, and on the porches. I really had planned to use fresh oasis soaked in water to keep these fresh greens looking really good for several weeks before and after Christmas.

As you might guess this was a VERY busy time for us and my time just ran out. This made me stop and think of a quicker way I could have lots of fresh greens outside our home with beautiful red velvet bows and flowing long red streamers.

So I began my task of going through my yard, several neighbors' yards, and going to friends' houses to collect each freshly growing thing I thought would look really great in my Christmas decorating.
First, I'll tell you which greens and other evergreens I looked for to go in my "outdoor" Christmas arrangements: Large, pretty green magnolia leaves, cedar, white pine, scotch pine, or hemlock for the lighter color in my greens, holly berries, and nandina berries. Oh, and of course, a large, beautiful red velvet bow!
Well, out of desperation and lack of time, I noticed that I had many containers sitting around my garden and porches in which the flowers had already died. These were still full of dirt! I didn't need to use oasis….I just pushed the stems of all my freshly cut greens and berries into the dirt and kept it watered as I would a fresh plant. These stayed beautiful for many, many weeks. They were still beautiful when we were ready to undecorate.
This picture was taken in my pergola. In the summer, I have ivy, as well as flowers growing in my sap buckets, and in the large basket, lots of greens as well as colorful flowers.
I filled these up also with many of the greens I picked for my outside arrangements. Some of these greens, such as the hemlock, really drapes out making the basket look full and beautiful. And, look at the beautiful red bow tied to the side of this large basket.
These two pretty pots in the corner of my Pergola already had plants living in them which last throughout the winter, but were not nearly full enough. I planted some pansies in them for the season, added some of my large hemlock stems from a neighbor's tree and used lots of red nandina berry stems – so beautiful, don't you think?
This full and pretty clay pot is sitting on a cute yard-sale stand holding the roots of my flowers which will come back next spring…. But in the meantime, I filled it with the large magnolia leaves, white pine, nandina berries, and holly. You can't see from this view, but there is also a pretty red velvet bow on the other side!
Above is one more picture showing fresh greens for Christmas, but these were in my house as an arrangement on my kitchen table for a party. Yes… I did, I cut the pink poinsettias off my live poinsettia plant, and used them in a vase with nandina berries, hemlock, and other fresh greens.




Very Special Wreath:

I Used My Grandmother's Old Lights,
Ornaments, and Yard-Sale Ornaments 


Now, anyone can make a wreath like this one. It doesn't matter if you have any experience or not! These are my Grandmother's old lights from her tree…probably about 50 years old, and yes… they still burn. I am very careful with them, though, and I do not leave them burning when I leave the house. 

You can see some of the old "bubble lights" which don't work anymore, a couple of Santa face lights, and lots of her old ornaments. I added brightly colored "cheap" ornaments in larger sizes, and then each and every year that goes by, I add more and more balls, and ornaments to this wreath. Hot glue holds these old balls and lights in a wreath so well. You can glue them to each other adding layer after layer after layer!


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About Nancy 

Nancy, is a world-renowned, widely accepted expert on wreath and floral design and has been selling her creations on eBay and the Internet for many years. Her wreath designs are in homes all over the world, and her style and design skills are sought after by many of her faithful followers.

Nancy has filmed many DVD videos on wreath design and is the author of several eBooks… the newest of which is "Secret Vendor List".

Nancy's desire is to teach, giving the many women she comes in contact with a reason to get out of bed every single day with JOY and a grateful heart. She gives God all the praise and glory for her success!

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Blessings… Nancy  Visit my new blog!


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