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Let Us Give Thanks:
 So Very Grateful For Our Blessings
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Let us Give Thanks…I am So Very Grateful

During this week of Thanksgiving, it's time to count our blessings. There are many people throughout the world who are in pain and suffering from lack of food, shelter, proper medical attention and much more. The abundance in America is much greater than the rest of the world can imagine… we take so very much for granted. I personally thank God every day for His Grace and His Mercy and His touch in our lives.

I also thank Him every day for family, blessings, and the health we enjoy as well as my business, which has allowed me to become friends with many people throughout the world. I receive emails from many of you who share with me a similar fight with debilitating illnesses. It's through our shared enjoyment of floral design that we have been brought together to encourage each other along life's path. I thank God for EACH of YOU!


Time to Decorate…Lots to do!
Let's Get Started!

Fond Memories…

This is the week I start my Christmas decorating every year! The anticipation and excitement I feel about this time reminds me of when I was a little girl. We didn't have many decorations, as a matter of fact, there were very few. My sisters and I looked forward to trekking out in the woods with Daddy to find the "perfect" small cedar tree which held our worn, well-used, and VERY special treasures to adorn our Christmas tree. All of our ornaments and decorations were in one small box in the attic. We used this same box for as many years as I can remember.

Multi-colored light strands with pointed lights were wound around the outside of the tree after we spent many hours searching for and replacing burned out bulbs. Our special, mostly hand-made ornaments were positioned carefully – each in the "perfect" spot. Then…the very best part of all… our Mother pulled out the small narrow box of "tinsel" with its long silver strands.

She divided this tinsel into three sections giving each of us enough to fill our little hands as we began hanging these, one-by-one, from every delicate branch on our tree. The three of us… my sisters and I, gently draped these until there were no more left.

We were filled with awe and wonder when the house lights were turned off and the tree lights came on… the tinsel shining and sparkling amidst the tree lights. That was, and will forever be, the prettiest tree I have ever seen!

And then, after Christmas, the memories of Mother taking down those precious silver icicles will never leave me. The three of us watched as she ran her beautiful slim fingers down each shiny delicate strand before putting them carefully back in their box… preserving them for yet other Very Special Christmas!

Making New Memories…

Things have changed; times are different; and it's now time to pull our own decorations down from the attic. For the many years I owned my shop, and now with my Internet business from my home, I want to re-create that same joy and child-like wonder in you by filling your home and your lives with beautiful wreaths and florals – whether I make them for you, or I teach you to make your own!

Today, I Want to Talk About Wrapping Presents!

When I get ready to wrap my presents, I start by purchasing my wrapping paper. I buy a large roll, or several rolls if need be, of a good thick paper with a pretty pattern on it. In the picture above, you'll see that I used paper with holly leaves and berries, with Merry Christmas written on it in gold. This is usually my less expensive paper, but none-the-less, I make sure it has a pattern that I love and the colors that I want my presents to be wrapped in. I use this paper for all my large packages as well as some smaller ones.

I then look for two more paper designs for my holiday presents. Above, you'll see that I found a beautiful foil stripe of red and green with a little gold stripe. I always choose a pretty solid-colored foil; this year it's a shiny red. Notice that the colors in all three of these papers compliment each other.

For those of you who make your own wreaths, I know you must have many left over green twigs lying around. These are pieces that remain from a wreath that you just didn't use and they weren't large enough or enough of them to make another wreath. Well, as you can imagine… I have many of these! As a matter of fact, I have filled several containers full.

And, if you make bows, I am absolutely sure you have pieces of ribbon lying around that were not nearly long enough to do anything else with, so you considered tossing them. Well…. Don't!!! If you aren't a floral designer, start saving pieces of ribbon from parties and gatherings. Look for really cheap rolls of ribbon after Christmas. You'll be glad you had them next year!

Looking in this picture, you'll see so many different types, colors, and styles of ribbon. These are pieces from my wreath-making, and from gifts I have received through the years. Some of the ribbon is very expensive, wired ribbon, and then some is very cheap, unwired ribbon I picked up for practically nothing..

These ribbons are tied onto the packages in a variety of ways – some just looped around one time and tied like a shoestring bow; some are tied around in both directions, with a small bow placed in the center; and then there are some which are looped around and tied in a knot with no loops or bows at all. The possibilities are endless. Don't these look so much better than the stick-on bows purchased at the store?

There is one more tip I want to give you concerning your wrappings. Did you notice the greens, berries and pine cones. Well, the pine cones were picked up in my yard. Any size, shape, form, or fashion will do. I tend to like the long skinny ones, which come from a white pine tree, but use whatever you can get your hands on. Even stems which have nuts or acorns will slide in under a bow and look great. Save trinkets you come across through the year. Think of bows and packages when you are at yard sales – be creative! After all, I think the best part of gift-giving is the anticipation in their eyes before they even open it.

As far as greens go, use whatever you find available. Notice, no two of mine are the same. I have purchased a very cheap garland before with a mix of different types of greenery and red berries. One of those would cut up nicely to wrap your presents with. If you don't have any artificial greens, then use fresh ones. Just wait a little closer to Christmas to wrap them so they will still look fresh and pretty. Oh, they will smell wonderful too. Cedar and pine are GREAT for this!
Then after you have everything assembled, start having fun!  Get out your glue gun, or if you don't have a glue gun, string will be great.  Tuck some things under the bow, into the bow loops, and right in the center – middle of the bow.  Get creative… I know YOU can do it!  Everyone will be reluctant to open their presents this year!!!

I know these wrappings look expensive, but, believe me… they are not! You CAN do it and make your gift very special no matter what is inside!


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About Nancy:

Nancy, is a world-renowned, widely accepted expert on wreath and floral design and has been selling her creations on eBay and the Internet for many years. Her wreath designs are in homes all over the world, and her style and design skills are sought after by many of her faithful followers.

Nancy has filmed many DVD videos on wreath design and is the author of several eBooks… the newest of which is "Secret Vendor List".

Nancy's desire is to teach, giving the many women she comes in contact with a reason to get out of bed every single day with JOY and a grateful heart. She gives God all the praise and glory for her success!

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