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"What Colors Do You Use for Christmas?"

Jumping ahead a little in this issue, I want you to start thinking about what your favorite Christmas colors may be…and I want you to be prepared for the Christmas Season ahead.  What are your favorite Christmas colors? Are there any specific ones, which you prefer, more than any other? Do you like them all – the reds, greens, burgundies, and golds?

This article is about using color at Christmas. And I don't mean just any color or a combination of two colors, or possible three colors? No ma'am, I mean COLOR – all colors. You will be surprised at how it can brighten your home, your lives and your Christmas spirit.

Years ago, when I first married, I used red – yes, plain old red…..I thought everything in my home had to be red. I don't even remember using gold with it! Yep, I know what you're thinking, and yes, I have changed so much since then – it doesn't even feel like that was me, but it was.

We all go through changes in our lives which affect our decorating tastes. Our own personal style is affected by what we see in department stores, on television, on pages of our favorite magazines, or even just a dear friend's home and the choices that they make during Holiday seasons. This picture is just a small example of my table last year for a Christmas party.  I used fresh potted plants of pink, red & white (sitting on antique pedistals, by the way.  Throughout the kitchen and the rest of my house I also had red, green , purple (lots – I like it!),  gold, blue, and even orange.  And, believe me, my home was very festive!

After the period in my life where red was "the" color, I then went to burgundy and gold. But each year as I pulled out my favorite ornaments, there were many – but they didn't "go" anymore.

So…. It was time….One year, I made a very decisive choice that if I liked something, then it would match in my home. If I like it, no matter what style, shape, or color, there really was an absolutely perfect spot for it! That was when my eye for decorating, color, and style changed forever.

This kind of style is now what we call eclectic, or whimsical… or any other number of descriptive words. The point that I want to get across to you today is: don't lock yourself into one or two or three colors, or styles.

Take a chance this year, and do something a little different, add many ribbons of many colors – buy XL glittering tree balls from local craft and hobby stores, make special ornaments with your children and grandchildren, fill you tree with stems of flowers and fillers in many colors, pull out everything you have not used in years because it didn't match any more, and have lots of fun!

I'm telling you, these choices can make your Christmas bright and cheery!!! Take my word for it, you'll be so much happier. I am filled with so much joy by the smallest things, and color is probably at the top of the list. My Christmas tree now has red, burgundy, blue, gold, purple, golden yellow, plus lots more.

There are now no limits, I use all of my favorite, and special ornaments….including the special ones my grandmother cherished.

I have huge ribbon toppers for my tree out of very colorful ribbon with red, gold, purple and burgundy. But then right in the middle of those XL bows, I have tied another bow out of golden yellow burlap. For these burlap bows, I went to the cloth store and bought it by the yard. I then cut it in very wide strips and tied bowties out of it – large ones!! Two of these are on the top of my tree, another hangs from the side of my XXL Christmas wreath on my front door, and then two more are anchored on the sides of the pots which hold my lighted 4 foot trees on either side of my front door.

If I like something, and it is reasonably priced (preferably from a yard sale, or flea market – tee, hee hee), then it comes home with me – and yes, there will be an absolutely "perfect" spot for it. All of my furniture in my home is interchangeable as are each of my favorite rugs. Style and color does not keep a bedroom chair from looking great in my den.

I am now comfortable and happy in my "eclectic" home wheather it is Christmas or any other season!


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