LBW Newsletter 10-11-2010

Ladybug Wreaths
My "Secret Supplier List"
is Finally FINISHED!!

At Last! The Secret That I've Held Onto
For Many Years is Finally Out!

If you're looking to tap into the resources of a floral
designer with 25 years of experience this could be the
most important newsletter You've EVER received! 
The Reason Why?…My…
So many of you have begged me for many years to give you just one or two of my suppliers and I, just like any other floral designer, vowed NEVER to release that list…well, I have changed my mind and here is why…I want to help my customers who have come to mean so much to me…

  • By saving you from making costly mistakes
  • By giving you the help that I never had
  • By educating you to become the savvy buyer it took me years to become
  • Last…but certainly not least…to give back to my customers!
So…now, with my newly released one-of-a-kind,
"Secret Vendor List"

You can tap into my secret resources that I spent 25 years developing, as I walked up and down the halls at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart, talking with owners of companies along with their sales reps, and closely inspecting the merchandise they carried.  There were literally hundreds of suppliers to choose from through the years, so you can imagine this was a VERY daunting task!

And, yes, I made a lot of mistakes.  I lost money and I "paid my dues" to finally find companies that were dependable and trustworthy  to find companies that carried the most creative products and whose quality and service was unmatched.
These 30 vendors and/or suppliers who are on my list were the  ones who "made the cut" but there were MANY who did not!


For those of you who are following and enjoying our
current series:  "Creative Ideas for Small Spaces" ,this
newsletter will substitute for this week's discussion.  But
don't worry, we have another coming out next week I
know you will LOVE! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this{!firstname_fix}.
Blessings… Nancy  Visit my new blog!
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