Last Chance for our Personal Attention

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Hey, — It’s Nancy and Linda here…

A couple of days ago we sent out an email offering something very special – a chance to have a Complimentary “Passion into Profits” Coaching Session with us that’s valued at $250.00.

It’s INCREDIBLE what we can accomplish in just one session.  In this session, we’ll:

  • Work on developing a crystal clear vision of your business
  • Define your goals for the next 90 days
  • Uncover hidden obstacles which are holding you back from achieving your dreams
  • Define empowered and tangible next steps that you can take immediate actions on
  • Turn your talents into a lucrative and exciting business


Now again, this is a no-cost session, and we’ll be picking 10 people from those who apply!

(If you know anything about us, you know that you can’t hire us for single sessions in our business – we only offer packages and programs — so this is a truly rare opportunity).

Why are we doing this?

Because these intimate conversations show us where you’re struggling and what help you need most to create a truly rewarding and successful business – and we’ll be designing our new programs based on the feedback we get.

In any case, we’ve already had a very strong response to that first email from Friday, so this is just a last-chance reminder to APPLY NOW before we pick our 10 session winners!

We encourage you to CLICK HERE and fill our an application now!

Just wanted to make sure, if you missed it the other day, that you had one last chance to take action.

And thanks to everyone for the warm response!



Nancy Alexander and Linda Joseph of, and

P.S.  As we said, this is the last reminder about getting a “Turning Your Passion into Profits” Session with us.

If you want to start this holiday season with a BANG and have clear goals and defined action steps to make $$ from your talent, then CLICK HERE to apply:


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