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"Creative Ideas for Small Spaces"
Hi, I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather just as I am!  I absolutely LOVE Fall!  It truly is my most favorite season of the year. There is a smell in the air…yes, oh yes…can it be just the first hints of fall?  I know it is coming – soon! 

Leaves are starting to fall off our River Birch trees, and they are turning the slightest shades of yellow, orange, and burgandy.  Now that I think about it, maybe that is one of the reasons I like fall so much.  Not only does it have to do with smells, breezes, cooler temperatures, but…yes…it's the colors too. Yes, I do admit…I'm just a "color" person!  There is not one single color that I do not like.  And there is not one color that you cannot find in my home. 

Not too long ago, my husband and I were making lists of our "favorite things".  And, one of the very first things on my list, besides God, Steve, and my family was "dancing leaves".  Do you know what dancing leaves are?  I suppose I came up with that name many years ago as I was driving down the road after leaves had fallen the day before.  As I looked in the rear view mirror of my car, I could see the leaves in all shapes and colors "dancing" on the street behind as my car swooshed over them.  Look for your dancing leaves this fall.  It makes me happy — to be alive and to be so very blessed!
Oh… and today is my birthday!  I am now 60 years old. I am just so happy to be alive and experiencing what are the VERY BEST years of my life!  I appreciate each and every one of you, and love it that you have chosen to spend some of your precious time with me every week!  Oh, and I am still receiving "inspiring" emails from so many of you!  I LOVE IT!   Keep them coming! 
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Our New Six Week Series: "Creative Ideas For Small Spaces"
Join me each week for hints and tips on decorating the small spaces in your in your life and home!  Let's revive it and give it a new feel and look!
These small spaces which may be tucked into a dark corner, niche or cubby are often overlooked.  It is easy to think that since these are so small and dark no one will notice anyway.  My goal is to show you just how special these tiny surprises in our homes can be.  They complete your decorating in such a way that you will be thrilled!  They draw your eye to places you really never pay any attention to! 
You'll have friends and neighbors peeking around just to see what treasures you tucked here and there.  They aren't necessarily meant to be seen when someone walks in your door, but they are small places to display your favorite things — the things in your life which may bring a smile and a tug on your heartstrings.
Last week I asked you to start clearing the clutter off of furniture, walls, corners, etc.  I have found a place to put all of my things until I find the "perfect" place to display them. 
During this process, I was brutal — and yes — messy!  I threw away and gave away many things which I did not want, did not need, and really didn't like.  Why have those things taking up space in your home when you can fill those same spaces with heart-warming special "treasures"?
Our Special Idea for This Week:
You might say "I am a collector of sorts"…or "I LOVE eclectic things"…or "I am drawn to antiques and old things".  The truth be known…for me…it is all of the above.  So, when I am moving things around in my home and re-decorating, I pull out all of my older, special "treasures" which mean so much to me.
I want to show you how I chose to start redoing a small, but…oh so cute…spot in my home.  Actually, when we were building, it was supposed to be a small coat closet.  When the contractor started framing it in, I stopped him cold in his tracks and asked that he tear out all the framing.  I DID NOT want a coat closet that would have been so small!
Yes, I know, I am sure those men were talking and laughing about me as they left that day, but I didn't care.  This spot has opened up what would have been a narrow, dark, short hallway, and now it has become a very special spot — one that makes 
everyone want to look and take it all in when I change it out for each season, and often in-between!

You can see the niche I am talking about in the picture above.  I had a shelf built similar to a mantle in the top which spans from wall to wall.  I usually keep an old clock, a basket with greens, and an old board game tucked above.  Then, it just happened that I had a cute old distressed white bench which fit right into my niche.  It holds items I want to display quite nicely.
Oh the right, you'll see my antique picnic baskets stacked up.  This is where I have a lamp which lights my little niche.  There is an old urn with greens, and an old window I picked up on the side of the street!  (Yes, don't say it…. I am one of those people who stops when I see what I think is a treasure lying on the street waiting for the trash truck!)
My most favorite aspect of this display is the old window I have standing in the corner.  The glass panes are all there, but the white paint is cracked and chipping…and oh, how I love it!
Now, we're going to talk about pictures!  You know, the ones you probably have boxes of tucked here and there — the ones you love which bring back so many smiles of happy menories.  Well, I have decided that I want to come up with creative ways to enjoy and share these special photographs.  I just do not have enough wall space to display all that I would want in frames…so, here is a very special and different way to do it. 
I used double sided tape and displayed our special black and white photographs of Austin with his parents.  I strategically placed these pictures on the old glass panes of this old window.  And then I tucked some ivy in the upper corner just to soften the harsh edges — ivy bunches are really great to use for that. 
Do you have pictures you want to pull out and display?  Get creative….tuck them in spots no one would ever think of.  Put them out where you can and will enjoy them.  Fill your life with the smiles and joys of children, parents, and grandchildren!
I will give you more ideas in next week's issue of Ladybug Wreaths FREE Newsletter.  And, don't forget, we will be talking about this subject for the next five weeks.  I will be posting pictures each week.  We will discuss why I put each grouping together, why certain colors, and what is pleasing to the eye.
Start thinking of your plans for fall decorating including arrangements, pumpkins, scarecrows, and more!  I already am and we'll talk more about that next week.  Fall is such a fun season leading into Halloween! 
Thanks for taking the time to read this
You'll never guess what we've been working on!
Blessings… Nancy  Visit my new blog!
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Wishing You Many Smiles and Blossoms!   Nancy