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Hi !
Ready for a New Look?
Experience the Difference…
   It is really GREAT to be back in touch with each of you!
Since sending out my last newsletter, I have received so many
emails.  I appreciate all of your good wishes for my success,
and congratulations as to my improved health!
Thank You So Much!

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Experience the Difference:  A New Look!
How would you like to re-decorate your home
with NO expense?  I know I would…and as a
matter of fact, I do it quite often!
In my next six (6) newsletter issues, we will 
concentrate on a different area in your home each week;
 I will help you REVIVE it — and give it a NEW LOOK! 
Are you embarrassed by your home? 
No, I don't mean…is it clean and is everything picked up!
I am going in a totally different direction here…so stay with me…don't let me lose you!!

I don't know about you, but this happens to me from time to time, and it hit me this weekend.  I don't have any warning and really never know why, especially right now!  If you knew everything I was working on, every wreath design, video, coaching session and eBook that are taking up all of my time, you wouldn't believe it.  But, I have found that these are the times that I get the F-E-V-E-R… the fever to redecorate, to move every single thing that I own into a new and different location.  I am obsessed and cannot rest until I do it.

With the change of the seasons, I am thinking you would like a new look also. 
I know, I know, you are thinking 'I just cannot afford to do anything like that now.' 
Ahhhh, but I beg to differ…I happen to know that you really CAN!

  So, for the next six (6) issues of my newsletters, I am going to help you and inspire you!  I will use different displays, vignettes, cubbies, etc. and redesign or redecorate them.
You will have a new look and a new lease on life at the same time!
Oh, how much fun we are going to have! 

Most of my ideas and suggestions will not cost you a single thing.  But there will be a few inexpensive suggestions I will make also.  You can then choose to try them or not. 
It will be completely up to you. 
  I am going to give you new ideas as to how to display the same things you have owned for years.  And I'm talking about things like your grandmother's china which is so pretty, but you wouldn't dare eat off of it…what about hanging it on the wall in your bedroom, or displaying the creamer or sugar bowl in your bath?
 We will be exploring so many different ideas that I know you are going to LOVE!  These ideas will make your "trinkets & treasures" look totally different and new.  Your friends will see things that you have owned for years, but will probably be thinking they are new because they have never seen them before.


Homework For This Week:

In this week's issue, I'll tell you how to get started.  You can literally take all of your "things" and put them in a guest room, bonus room, etc.  If you are like me, things just start piling up here and there, and some of these things I really don't want, but just need somewhere to tuck them while I decide what I want to do with them.
Okay…this is it.  Get everything down – this is what I am going to do.  If this seems a little drastic to you, just start one room at a time.  If even this seems a little drastic, then do it in your mind – or make notes.  Do whatever you feel comfortable with! 



I want you to begin sorting your "trinkets & treasures"
into three distinct categories:
  1. Items which you absolutely LOVE and WANT displayed in your home.
  2. Gifts from people who are important to you that you really NEED to display.
  3. And then, the things that have piled up…you don't know where they came from, and you really don't want them in your home anymore because you are tired of them.


Okay Ladies, and Gentlemen, this is our first step.  And I am talking about nick-nacks, lamps, pictures and other items sitting around as well as hanging on your wall.  Things that have worked their way up to the top of your kitchen cabinets — everything  we're going to be brutal here!  And you will LOVE it when we are finished.



I will give you more ideas in next week's issue of Ladybug Wreaths FREE Newsletter.  And, don't forget, we will be talking about this subject for the next six weeks.  I will be posting a display picture each week.  We will discuss why I put each grouping together, why certain colors, and what is pleasing to the eye.
 I thought you might want to watch this Christmas Bow-Making video again, so I am enclosing the same link from last week; you'll be glad that your bow-making skills are fresh when the time comes to do your Christmas decorating.
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S !

So, here is the link again to one of my bow-making videos just to keep refreshing your 
memory about how to tie a beautiful bow!  This video is on making a Christmas
Tree Topper, but just put in fewer, smaller loops, with shorter streamers for bows
to put on your Wreaths!
Also, next week we will begin to discuss our plans for fall decorating including arrangements, pumpkins, scarecrows, and more!  Fall is such a fun season leading into Halloween! 
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
You'll never guess what we've been working on!
Blessings… Nancy  Visit my new blog!
Editor:  Ladybug Wreaths Newsletter

Wishing You Many Smiles and Blossoms!   Nancy
203 Regent Road, Anderson, South Carolina