LBW Newsletter 9-3-2010

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Hello, Nancy's Back…
  In this issue, I am giving you some information that I
really hope you'll enjoy!
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What a beautiful summer this has been already!
Winter rain was such a pain,
but the flowers of Spring and Summer have been awesome!
Gosh!…can it be?  Am I already feeling a hint of Fall in the air?
Feels like I've been out of touch for such a long time with my customers and friends.  My husband and I experienced something in January, 2009 that I hope (I know!) we will never have to go through again.  It has taken us over 18 months to recover from that challenge, but God's a great rescuer!  Things are better than ever in the Alexander home, but I have really missed contact with my customers.  And speaking of the Alexander home…we have two (2) new grandbabies born in the last year!  If you would like to see pictures
just hop on over to my blog;
In fact, I was going through some old emails from some of you just the other night.  Those emails talked a little about floral design, but more about our relationships.  Back then, I returned a lot of your emails personally, and enjoyed doing that.  It felt good to be an encourager for many of you who are going through the anguish of Fibromyalgia, like myself.  You expressed concern about my health and I returned the concern with words of encouragement based upon my own steps toward recovery from that dreadful disease.
No, I'm not cured from Fibromyalgia…yet…but I am well on the way, thanks to God and some God-sent people in my life.  Of course, my husband is my biggest fan and helper, but God has led me to a great endocrinologist and an outstanding nutritionist who are miracle workers!
But enough about me.  How are you doing? 
 How are your wreath and other floral projects coming along?
Please let me hear from you!  I would love it!
S-P-E-C-I-A-L   G-I-F-T-S
Before I go anywhere else with this newsletter,
I have some special gifts for you!
To reward your loyalty for staying on my mailing list, while the struggles of life took me out of yours for a season, I have some special gifts.  I want to give my loyal listeners, as well as any new customers, an audio (MP3) recording of a recently held teleseminar…absolutely FREE!
All You have to do is right click;
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Another thing you need to start thinking about is: 
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S !
Oh yes…I know…It is so hard to think about Christmas. 
But, I have been thinking…I know…Don't say it…When I say I've been thinking, friends, employees, and family seem to run in the other direction!  LOL… I wonder why!?? 
 Anyway, now is the time to start brushing up on your bow-making skills to be ready to make bows for your home at Christmas!  And, I'll warn you!  Friends, relatives, and neighbors are going to want bows too when they see yours!  You can even make extra money for Christmas gifts this year with your bows!
So, here is a link to one of my bow-making videos just to refresh your 
memory about how to tie a beautiful bow!  This video is on making a Christmas
Tree Topper, but just put in fewer, smaller loops, with shorter streamers for bows
to put on your Wreaths!
I really do regret that I haven't personally responded to your emails in a while now.  I wish I had the time to go back and answer each and every one I received.  You have touched me in ways you will never know!  I plan on sending out a newsletter again on a regular basis to start building back relationships with each of you.  I Miss You!
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
You'll never guess what we've been working on….more later!
Blessings… Nancy  Visit my new blog!
Editor:  Ladybug Wreaths Newsletter

Wishing You Many Smiles and Blossoms!   Nancy