Increase Fourth Quarter Sales Grow With Nancy

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Ready to Grow Your Business?
I have 4 steps which will prepare you to sell!
Bring in more income during this season (Q4).


Yes, we are calling the last 4 months of 
the year Q4 — just like Amazon!

I am already getting prepared to sell as profitably as I can during the last 3 to 4 months of 2016.  I am planning, ordering supplies, and deciding which designs might be best sellers.

 What About you?

In this newsletter we will talk about the first thing
I believe can help you improve 4th quarter profit!

Watch for our next newsletter for the second thing to help you grow profits on handmade products!

FIRST:  You CAN Save Money on Supplies!
I can show you how you can do that!  The same way I do
  by using my own personal Secret Vendor List! 
I have done all the work; I have researched;
I have examined many products; I know the BEST vendors!

I still have files for ALL my own favorite vendors.
Do I use those files? No.
Do I pull out all my catalogs? No.
I open up Best of Nancy and click on the links for each vendor that will take me directly to their online wholesale shop.

This valuable resource has been updated many times already. If you own My Secret Vendors, you receive this update for a lifetime – that means any time we research each present vendor and add e updates, you automatically get them FREE!

There are currently 50 vendors on this list! That means over 450 pages of some of the best money-saving information that you can find anywhere!

Learn More in the Video Below
About “My Secret Vendors!”

What You Will Learn:

  • Vendor contact information – including websites
  • Showroom locations and order information
  • My own personal notes about my favorites
  • Vendors who do not require a sales tax ID number
  • Vendors who have low minimum orders for those on a budget



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