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We have been posting a lot of information in this new year about how to grow a profitable business.

Just yesterday we discussed how important it is to grow an email list when you begin your business – or have an existing one that you want to expand.

Our most recent article is: “Sign up Prospects to Your Email List in Person!”

Did you know that if you do craft fairs to sell your handmade designs, you can have customers and shoppers sign right up to your email list right on your phone or tablet? AWESEOME!! I LOVE it. To join us in BON to learn more business growth tactics: www.BestofNancy.com

craft fair


Just before that, we were discussing Social Media,
Facebook Fan Page Organic Reach!

After going through many years of learning about fan pages,
there’s one thing that always shows up:
Facebook Fan Pages have incredible organic reach.

Through the years, I have personally studied and analyzed Facebook Fan Pages because I want to use my own to grow my business.  I found that close to 100% of fan pages have the wrong type of content. No wonder they’re not getting any fan page organic reach.

People take advantage of Facebook by posting unimportant content. They don’t understand how important it is to have unique, quality content, nor how or where to find it.

I would LOVE to have YOU join me in our very special Best of Nancy Community!  To learn more: www.BestofNancy.com

And, please join us in our FREE Facebook group of artisans and crafters working together to grow their online businesses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GrowWithNancy/




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