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I Want to Grow YOUR Business
Through My Own Social Media Channels!
My Social Media Channels Reach


I’m sure you already know about “Crafty Thursdays” and “Show & Tell Tuesdays” in
our FREE “Grow With Nancy” Facebook group? Well, that is just the beginning!


I’ve been quietly setting the stage to put your handmade designs as well as you and where you sell in front of my own audience! I want to bring MORE attention to YOU! Yes, you heard me right! My entire focus is on you!
I have NO doubt that God has led me on this path so that I can:

Love – Support – Encourage – & Inspire You!

I’ve been dying to let you in on my secret plans!
My team and I have spent quite some time setting the
wheels in motion to promote you.
I want to help YOU grow your business
by putting your story as well as your Handmade Designs in front of my audience!

(Below are samples of 3 of my boards on Pinterest
Showing some of your handmade designs)


For the last 3 weeks, we have already begun featuring 5 wreaths from
“Show & Tuesdays” and 5 crafts from “Crafty Thursdays.”


These are featured through my own Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts!
Soon, videos of photos of your work will be added to my YouTube Account with close to 3 Million views!


As we pick the featured artisan’s story in “Crafter’s Spotlight” each week, you will also be promoted on all of the above as well as have your own page in the Ladybug Wreaths blog: “In The Spotlight!”


Would You Like To Join us in Our FREE
Facebook Group, “Grow With Nancy?”

You could have your handmade design
as well as your personal story featured soon!


Here’s what happy members of the
“Grow With Nancy” community are saying…

 “I just joined about 3 weeks ago. It has not taken long for me to see that it was such a good “move”, as everyone here is very kind and supportive and so willing to give suggestions to help each other out! What a great group of which to be a part!” ~Cindy M
“I have learned so much about running my business from you and your Best with Nancy group as well as the Grow with Nancy Facebook page.
I normally make burlap mesh or deco mesh wreaths, but these past few weeks have been watching a lot of your downloadable videos and DVDs. Learning SO much about floral wreaths and am suppose to receive my shipment of floral supplies today. I am so excited about putting to use all the knowledge and information I have gathered from your awesome videos. Ready to complete one wreath and work on some others!!~Kayla Hess
“Prizes are nice, but please know I am leaving my thoughts here not based on winning a prize, but rather I feel as if I have already won when I discovered you one day on you tube.
Have I learned crucial techniques? Yes! Absolutely!! However, my learning experience with you has not only grown my business but I myself have grown as a person. You have opened my eyes and my heart and sent me on a journey to succeed as a business person, a woman and a child of God. I thank you for that, Nancy. ~Roxane



“Reach for the Sky & Learn to Fly!”

 “Remember… You CAN do it! I know you can!”

Blessings, Nancy

Nancy Alexander

President at Ladybug Wreaths
Overcoming Fibromyalgia & Celiac I Now Teach Others to Make Door Wreaths & Sell Them on the Internet!

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