Hurry Spring!

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The Long, Dark Days of Winter Get me Down

I'm Ready for Spring!!

I don't know about you, but the dark, dreary days of winter always get me down!  That just reminded me of a song:  "Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get me Down".  lol

We wake up really early because of Steve's job – I mean the clock starts going off at 4:45 a.m.  Then there are a miriad of sounds from 3 different clocks, iPhones, beeps, horns, and finally the iPad playing soothing romantic music which immediately puts us both back to sleep.  Now, there is something really wrong with that picture!  We should start with the soothing, soft music so that we awaken nice and slowly, instead of waking up with such a start that your body almost jumps right out of the bed!!  Will someone please tell my husband that??  After all these years, he just still doesn't get it!

So, we're both up, showered, dressed, and in the kitchen putting together breakfast while it is still dark.  As Steve drives out of the driveway in the mornings – still in the dark – I'm too wide awake to go back to bed, so I start my work day. 

I have found that It is nice to have my devotional before most of my world is awakens, but I still don't like these long days.  Obviously I wouldn't do too well in Alaska!!

Today I found myself thinking that I'm really ready for spring.  The sun came out today, and even though it was only 54 degrees, the warmth of the sun shining in my office window definitely gave me spring fever!

I found myself watching the birds outside my office window and day-dreaming of Spring. I watch for budding trees, but there aren't any yet.  Dare I hope to see flowers peeping up out of the hard, cold ground.  Nope, still too early.

What can I do to fulfill this yearning in my soul for spring?  I know!  The answer is so obvious.  I'll make it spring inside!

Let's see… I have lots of throw pillows in many colors of spring.  They are very easily affordable when you go to as many yard sales as I do.  I have so many that I can switch them out for each season.  There are pillows with stripes, pillows with flowers, needle point pillows, and so many others!  I love putting them just in the right spots — places which normally would stay dark and dreary a while longer as the dark days of winter linger.  I even start spreading them on my back porch – yes, I'm ready for spring there too!

With Valentine's Day approaching it is time to hang up your Valentine Wreath and display heart decorations in reds and pinks.  I make sure to put out a dish of candy hearts out for our grandchildren along with any other decorations you may have. All of this sprucing up is also the first step in getting your home ready for Mothers Day and Easter also!

I'm feeling muchl better, and ready to decorate!  How about you? Join me in making it spring inside until we can enjoy springtime outside.

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