How to Make a Wreath – Testimonials


Hi Nancy,

I am for sure going to take advantage of this, because you are actually making it possible for my dreams to come true…. thank you!!

I have always had a passion for floral arrangements and wreath making, but never took any classes or anything to act on it. My sister and I are actually wanting to open our own business doing this!! I was unaware of your pain and suffering for so many years and I am soooo very sorry that something so terrible could happen to such a beautiful person like you!! You will be in my prayers!!

I actually stumbled upon your wreath making video on YouTube about two months ago, and fell in love with your work and your loving, gentle “person”. I think you fiming videos is a great idea… (especially since you are a natural)

When I read on your website that you were doing this change, I thought, what a great idea! And you will still be able to keep all your new found friends and followers! One point I wanted to bring up was if you could explain some of the supplies, maybe where to get them and also what NOT to get….

Thanks so much for giving back to those of us that need it the most!!

God Bless You Nancy!!!


Hi Nancy,

I received my videos on Monday the 29th. I have already watched all of them! I was pleased with the time and detail you went to in explaining things.

I was familiar with bow making but had not made a bow exactly the way you do. I like your bows and will be making them in the future, I am sure.

I also liked the way you add more vines and birch to the wreaths before adding the flowers and greenery, etc. I have two birch trees in my back yard and when I think of all the limbs that have gone to the dump, I cringe. I could have made money off those! Oh well, I can still start now.

I have past floral experience, but still learned a lot from your videos simply because everyone doesn’t do things exactly the same way.

A Hobby Lobby opened near me, so I am off to pick up a few more things to go in my wreath you have inspired me to make. I need a new one, and who knows…maybe it will lead to selling some!

Thanks for the videos!


Hi Nancy,

I learned so much watching your video tips

I have made many wreaths in the past, but yours are so beautiful with the design and fullness. I just ordered a set of 2 videos and am looking forward to receiving them.

I would like to purchase your “Secret Vendors List” as we have almost nothing in my area compared to what you use.

I view your website every day to see what you are doing different. I am trying to gather the supplies I need to make “Plantation Charm”.

I also have fibromyalgia, and I love doing crafts and SO enjoy your instruction!

Thank you for being so sharing and God Bless!


Hi Nancy,

Well, I was so happy today when the mail came and your three videos arrived. I really enjoyed watching them and learned SO much.

It looks so simple when you do it and I am hoping when I get started I will be able to make a work of art too.

I also purchased your “Secret Vendor List”. That is a very big project you did! I am wondering if the wild birch wreaths you use are sold by you. (Yes, they are…)

I just can’t tell you how happy I am with my videos. I will be ordering two more next month so that should give me a good start.

Thanks so much for sharing so much of your talent. I am so happy that I found you and i know I shall enjoy being a part of your newsletter!


Hi Nancy,

Nancy, I really want to share with you how you have helped me…

I am so excited about the opportunities that have opened up for me that I really would like to share my story with you.  Last fall, my workplace needed a floral arrangement for an empty space on the wall. 

I offered to  make something for them.  The administrator requested a large wreath.  I had never made a wreath before, but I took the challenge.  I decided to Google it on YouTube to see if I could learn how to make a nice wreath.  I was so excited when I found the Ladybug Wreath videos.  I watched every one that you had to offer.  I went out and purchased my supplies to make my first wreath.

Everyone loved it at work, so at Christmastime, I decided to donate a Christmas wreath to my organization.  The wreath was hung for an hour and I had seven people requesting one from me.  I hurried out to purchase more supplies and sold several wreaths.  It is now April, and orders are still coming in.  I bought your DVDs in hopes of learning more techniques and improving my work.

I, too am a Christian and believe without a shadow of a doubt that God led me to your site.  You have inspired me, and have helped me on this new and exciting adventure.  I’m not sure where this will go, but for now, I’m having fun, and making wreaths has enhanced my life immensely.  Thank you so much for being obedient to God, stepping out of your comfort zone to help women like me.

Thank you, & God Bless,



WOW’d Coaching Clients – How to Make/Sell Wreaths


Hi Nancy,

I stumbled on your website by YouTube because I wanted to make a bow with more than one kind of ribbon. I wasn’t exactly sure how to do that and make it look right.

However, my world has been changed ever since. I just can’t seem to stay away from looking at your work.

I purchased the “Secret Vendor List” yesterday and cannot wait to view it. I have made several wreaths for Christmas and no more than get them to work where some are sold for $100.00 or more. I love to use a variety of materials but I can only got to a Hobby Lobby or a Michael’s and that is not satisfying enough for me.

The greenery you use in your wreaths is stunning and amazing. It makes me feel so good to make something that someone else thinks is beautiful.

I am sure you know your work is outstanding, but one more email never hurts! All of your wreaths are breathtaking and they inspire me to want to make more!

I hope you have a truly blessed day!!


Hi Nancy,

I am one of the lucky 25 that was able to join your coaching site for the $1.00 special. I have been a fan of your wreaths for the last 4 or 5 years as I noticed many beautiful wreaths, and they were all made by the same very talented lady. I liked to get on eBay and look at all the wreaths, and I could always tell one of your wreaths even before I checked out who the seller was.

I have purchased a few of your DVDs and your “Secret Vendor List”. Seeing what you have in your Best of Nancy coaching site has really been an inspiration to me.

In the past, I would dream of selling on the Internet, and now I hope to make that reality a dream. I have learned so much from you in just one week. Just watching your video on how to box a wreath for shipping is well worth the price. Let me say that the monthly fee is very reasonable for all the help you are giving us.

Once again, thank you sooooo much!


Hi Nancy

When we lived in S. Ca., we used to go to the vineyards and they let us cut fresh grapevines in the fields that were fallow. I made my own wreaths. But I have had this style inside me that I could never grasp how to do.

When I stumbled on to your site, I saw your free and airy style, AND that you were willing to teach. Well, I had to learn.

I had a DVD player installed in my shop with a 32″ flat screen just so I could see your videos easily. I have now made several wreaths since for my store. Not quite as good as yours, but they have that free and airy style that is SO “Me”.

Thank you for being so willing to teach!


Hi Nancy!

I am one of those folks who wants to start a business and I admire your success and business savvy so I intend to pattern my business and products after you.  I joined your Best of Nancy coaching site yesterday.




Happy Customers Who Have Received – Custom Wreaths


Dear Nancy Ladybug

Hello – Hope all is well! Yes, everything is perfect, thanks so much for everything.

I read your first book from cover to cover and it is very inspiring. I always wanted to make a career out of my hobbies, but never was able to since I was a single mother working 2 jobs to survive.

I have been scrimping and saving for a long time and I think it is time to fly and have the job of my dreams. God blessed me now with a husband who provides for us. I have been working in a job for 26 years where I have not been happy.

Anyway, you’re definitely an inspiration!

Thanks & God Bless



Thank you SO VERY much for the most gorgeous Christmas wreath I ever laid my eyes on! How did you know I love the oval wreath…and most of all the “little baby Cardinal” tucked safely away on a branch?

Our front door is white, so it shows beautifully!

Just know that you put a smile on this ole lady’s face today. It is one of the most perfect gifts I have ever given to myself!

This will be a “keepsake” for many years to come! Where can I leave “glowing” feedback for you?



I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with the wreath we ordered! I’ve been looking for a long time to find one, and when I saw yours, I knew that was it!

I’ve never ordered anything like that online and was a little nervous, but I couldn’t be more happy with it.

Our home was built in 1936 and has a large front door that needs a large wreath — the one you made is perfect!

Thanks again! Blessings,


PS: I want a Spring wreath too!

Good Morning Nancy!

I recently purchased your secret vendor list and am very excited about utilizing it as soon as my school year is over!

My plan was to make my first official wreath for my mother – especially since she has been talking about your wreaths since you were on eBay!

Well, apparently she was sending out hints. My dad let me know that she REALLY wants (and has wanted for some time) a wreath made by you only!

So, I would LOVE it if YOU would make her a custom wreath!

Thank You Nancy



Personal, Heartwarming – Testimonials



Hi Nancy, Blessings to you this day.

I have enjoyed reading your newsletters, and am very thankful for coming across one of your wreaths in one of my favorite magazines, Country Sampler, a few years ago.

Your journey has not been easy, with your continual health problems, but I was so happy to read in one of your newsletters that your health condition has improved since God sent specialists your way. I just wanted to comment today, my admiration of you. The many previous years working long, tiresome hours when you owned your shop.

How you’ve been inspired by other special people that God has brought into your life to put you where you are today, teaching others via the Internet, and learning DVDs (which I previously purchased the entire set for wreath design).

Keep up the wonderful work that you do.

In God’s Grace


Dear Nancy,

I came across your site just by accident. Like you, my heart belongs to the Lord and now I realize I was brought to your site through God. Your work is beautiful and I only wish I knew you a couple of months ago for my daughter’s wedding.

I searched high and low for someone like you to make beautiful wreaths for my home to have Katrina take pictures with on her wedding day. It forced me to make my own wreaths which I am proud of, but yours would have made that statement that I would have loved. Never too late! My son has now gotten engaged and another wedding is on its way.

Please let me know how I can purchase one of your beautiful wreaths!

I have read your bio, and like always, with the Grace of God, we can do all things. Many blessings to you. I look forward to a friendship with you. I would love to learn how to expand my talents!

Many Blessings,


Dear Nancy

First of all, I was a wreath maker for years but it didn’t keep me from ogling yours on eBay for years. I actually had you saved in “my favorites” and when looking for you later, I found out you had new how-to books, videos, and so much more available.

I only wish I had your suppliers list years ago, because that was my biggest problem even after 13 years of crafting!

When I saw your wreaths on eBay, I had a sense of renewal and started purchasing silks, etc., when I ran into good deals.

Anyway, now, I’ve discovered what happened to you and want to congratulate you on your books. I was asked to teach in my home town, but I didn’t want to give my secrets away and be my own competitor. By the time eBay came around, all I could think about was where and how to ship and box, etc.

If only I’d had your books back then! Beautiful work done by a beautiful lady!