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I’m Here to Help You
Learn How to Monetize the Hobby You Love

Do you want to experience the success that I have enjoyed as I sell my own wreath designs, videos, e-books, and other products online? Would you like to learn how to make and sell wreaths? Would you DSC_0680_4554_edited-4like to teach, or encourage and coach others as I do by making a difference in their lives?  I can help you ignite your possibilities of selling online by helping you realize your dreams.

My coaching doesn’t just apply to learning to sell florals or wreaths online, it applies to ALL “Artisans”. I never thought I would be enjoying a career where God led me to make such a difference in influencing the lives of others.

If you have known me for any length of time, you know that the ladies I work with are very close to my heart. I sincerely love you all! My heart breaks for those of you in pain.

Most of you who know me also know that I experienced chronic illness with severe pain for many years, over thirty, as a matter of fact. Many of you are now where I was then. God, in his Grace, has seen fit to lead me on the path to where I am right now; and this same path has led “me” to “you”. I am not a doctor, nor do I have all the answers, but I do know that I have found what works for me. I feel better than I have felt in thirty years.

I sincerely want you to experience a renewal of mind and body just as I have. So, I am no longer just in the business to make and sell wreaths, but I do. I am no longer just in the business to film and sell instructional how-to DVDs and e-Books, but I do. From my heart, I do know without a shadow of a doubt that I am in this business to help YOU — to make a difference in your life.  My desire and my leading is to bring your “Artisan” dreams to the world.  I am seriously in the business of helping you change your life by…

  • Teaching you a hobby, such as wreath-making, that could be made and sold online…
  • Coaching you to earn extra income from another hobby you have already mastered…
  • Encouraging you to step forward boldly and with confidence…
  • Imparting a very important message that ‘YOU CAN DO IT”, without any hesitation…
  • Giving those of you who suffer from chronic illnesses a reason to get up every morning…
  • Letting you know there is help and encouragement for you…
  • Making sure you know you can have a rewarding career, no matter what age you are…


I Truly Do Understand Your Struggles

I know for many of you, your lives have been motivated by pain and hardship — oh, believe me I know! I went through this for so many years. So many, in fact, that I could not believe there really could be a light at the end of the tunnel for me – you know — the one that would make me feel productive and good about myself again. I am so happy to say to you right now: “Yes, there was!” And, I truly believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel waiting for you also. My Story describes a little about what my life was like after getting sick at twenty-eight years of age.  I share with you about the hills and the valleys I crawled, walked, and and climbed out of in order to achieve my success. I strive to keep you and your coaching needs in mind while planning comprehensive coaching which will help you grow a profitable business. The impact of my services for you will make such a change in your life.


I Can Help You By Offering

Phone Consultations

Sign up for personal, one on one phone consultations with me and my team. We’ll discuss questions you have on making wreaths, selling wreaths or other related topics. To make the most of your time spent with us, it helps to write down questions you need answers for.  Email your questions to our help desk:

We will be able to suggest which team member you could benefit from the most with your particular circumstances.  The time you spend with us is very important!  We want to make sure we can help you by focusing on questions you may have in perfecting your skill and growing your online business.

We may ask you to send photos ahead of time so that we can be prepared to help you with areas that may need some work.

Nothing can compare with one on one time spent focusing on you, your goals and your dreams!


Nancy’s Inner Circle

In our very special community, you will find…

  • Monthly Training on topics of interest: such as how to sell online, where to sell online
  • Private Forum: ask questions, meet the awesome members who have similar goals and interests
  • Access to me: I am in the forum often answering questions
  • Video Tutorials: step by step instructional training on common questions

You can read more and sign up at Best of Nancy.


  1. Sandra Hannah

    Hello I am so glad I have found your site as it resonates so closely with what’s going on in my own life right now. I have been crafting most of my life but wreaths are my passion. I want to get to the point where it is also a business for me too. I need help with design, bow making, supplies and marketing.
    Where do I start?
    Thank you

    • Nancy Alexander

      Sandra, the first thing I recommend is that you join the Inner Circle. I have ALL the training in this group to help you grow the business of your dreams. 🙂

      Blessings, Nancy

  2. Robin Branigan

    Please add me to your list of people interested in taking your workshops. I would like to come a few, maybe more…as many as u offer:)

  3. Jacquelyn D roby

    I would love to do your studio day.

    • Nancy Alexander

      I am not offering them right now but am happy to add you to the list of people wanting to be notified when I do.


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