How to Make a Wreath: Find Your Own Style…

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 How to Make a Wreath, Find Your Own Style


I am always thinking about how to help my customers learn to “how to make a wreath” as easily as possible.  I now only want to tell you how, but I need to show you too!  With my instructional how-to DVDs, my main goal in this entire process is not only teaching you the basics (which you definitely need to know), but in helping you find your own style.  If you want to see samples and “teaser videos” of my work, please check out my YouTube Channel!

Finding your own style is when the “light bulb” comes on in your head and you realize — you just know — that you “have it”!

YOU have just created something special and beautiful from your own imagination — from colors you love — to materials which strike your fancy.  Then, you have also put those materials into your wreath in such a way that is exclusive ONLY to YOU!  That is when I know that I have succeeded in teaching you to make a beautiful wreath.  This makes me SO happy!

learn to make a wreath with fruit

Your questions and your desires to create and “Learn How to Make a Wreath” were the main reason I started filming my Instructional DVDs.

I decided that was truly the BEST way I could help you.  I would dearly LOVE to stand right beside each one of you and guide your hands in the beginning of this process, but that is impossible (except for those of you who come to my studio for one-on-one coaching).


I needed to figure out a way to talk to you through a camera.  Well, actually there was not “a” camera… there were three!  I was nervous at first when I started filming my DVDs, the lights were too bright, and very hot.  I was afraid I would make a mistake on camera, and then I thought…  Well, what if I do make a mistake?  So what?  I am not perfect, nor are any of you, so it’s okay.

Everyone makes mistakes.  I was also afraid I wouldn’t think of enough to say while on camera.  THAT’S A JOKE!  LOL…  Those of you who have watched my DVDs know that I don’t run out of things to say.  When I am doing repetitive things which I have already explained, I may end up talking about my family, my grandchildren, my yard, and who knows what else…


You will make mistakes, as I still do.  But, a good designer who knows how to make a wreath will work around those coming up with a beautiful creation in the end every single time.

From your own testimonials, you’ve told me watching on video is best for you.  It is the easiest and most rewarding way you can learn to make your own wreaths and floral designs.  It is a simple, but fun way you can learn to make a wreath that hangs on your front door, a wreath that is a gift, or a wreath that you can sell to earn extra income!

So, “Happy Wreathing Yall” as my friend and student, Julie Siomacco says!

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