How to Add Fruit to Your Wreath!

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How do you add fruit to a wreath that doesn’t have a stem?

Many of you have asked how to add a piece of fruit to your wreath.  Let me show you My secrets!


In This Example, I am Going to Show You How to Add a Peach
(or other fruit) to Your Wreath.

STEP 1:  Take your peach and a pick and push the sharp end of the pick into the peach to create a hole. If the peach (or other piece of fruit that you are using) is very hard, you might have to use a nail and hammer to make a 1 inch deep hole

STEP 2:  With your glue gun, put glue in the hole and reinsert the pick into the hole and remove the wire on the pick by cutting the end into a point.

STEP 3:  Place the peach in your wreath and push it in securely to the spot you have chosen.  You might have to use a little force if needed to keep it secure.


STEP 4:  Secure your peach with glue and place a pinch of moss around the pic to hide it.



This is just one of many amazing
tips and secrets I have to share with you!

As you know I have instructional DVDs as well as instructional digital videos.  Many of you have bought these and made gorgeous wreaths by following my instructions.

But, many of you have asked me if I would teach them in person.  For years I said “no!”

There were many reasons for this, but in 2013, I changed my mind and started holding workshops in my home studio to work with students in person.  Not only do you get my tips, you get my immediate feedback as you go through your own creative process!

How invaluable is that?!  Having me and my assistant, Kim, watch over your shoulder while you follow my instructions will take your wreath-making skills to the next level!

How Would You Like to…

  • Begin a “Studio Day” with Nancy like the one described?
  • Learn to “Make a Wreath” with Nancy standing right beside you?
  • Return home knowing you just experienced a day that can make a huge difference in the rest of your life?
  • Know you now have the knowledge and tools to turn your wonderful hobby into an Income Producing Business?

As Nancy Always Tells Her Students:

“I Know You Can Do It – As a Matter of Fact – I Am Sure You Can!


I am talking to applicants now and starting to fill our 2014 workshop schedule.



Click on the link below and fill out the application for one of our workshops.  We offer several group and/or one-on-one sessions.

After receiving your applications, we will get back in touch with you to set up a personal interview.  We want to make sure one of our workshops is the perfect fit just for you!


I would sincerely LOVE for “YOU” to be one of the ladies selected to attend a “Studio Day With Me”!  These are days I will never forget and also days I pray that you will never forget.

I am so honored to know that I am blessed to be able to make a difference in the lives of so many women!

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