Here’s My Belated Valentine Special Offer Just for You!

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I Love My Mornings Sharing With You!

Many ladies in my online community have been with me for over 10 years! Wow, That is hard to believe!

I just love creating how-to, instructional videos, books, and programs for you.

I truly enjoy creating my short “talking” videos while sitting in my office where I get to talk straight from my heart to only “you”! It seems so personal that way as I imagine your smiling face as you watch and listen while I’m discussing life, family and business.

I believe I have found my calling when sharing my personal story with you. You can find my video blogs on

Your comments, posts and emails telling me how I have inspired you to step forward – to not be afraid – and to reach out, knowing that God is right by your side, mean so much to me. I am honored that you trust me to give you gentle nudges as you move into your “dream”.


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I am excited when when you share your accomplishments with me! I wish you could see me sometimes when I’m reading what you have written.

I wish you could see the smile on my face; hear the giggles and the laughter; or know that there are tears streaming out the corner of my eye when you’ve touched my heart.

I am grateful beyond words that you trust me to train, lead and inspire you as you’re searching for the person you know you can be.

Today, I am happy to be sharing with you the latest My Secret Vendors update!  Can you believe this is update #6?  I know… time really flies by when we’re having fun, right?

 My Valentine Gift to You is…
“My Secret Vendors” 
Update #6




I Have a Very Special
Belated Valentine’s Gift
~From Me…To You~


With this latest launch of My Secret Vendors, Version #6, we have added over 100 pages of invaluable information! But, we are NOT going to raise the price of My Secret Vendors as we have done in past updates.


CLICK HERE To Grab a Copy for Only $197.00

But wait… also as a member of our Best of Nancy online community, you get access to the digital/online copy of this latest update absolutely FREE
Check out Best of Nancy HERE
 And… if you have already purchased My Secret Vendors,  Just go to: MY SECRET VENDORS and login to receive the latest copy at no charge. If you have forgotten your password, click on password reset.


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If you’re been designing and selling handmade products for any length of time, then you know that a designer’s most closely guarded secrets are his or her supplier list – the exact supplies to order and which vendor to approach.

My customers and clients begged me for years to release my suppliers. But that was my secret “ace-in-the-hole.” I held my secret suppliers close for so long that it was hard to finally “let go.”

Finally, I decided to share with you. ALL my vendors – even my most favorite have been shared in this list.

You Can Enjoy Creating Beautiful Designs

With your access to the BEST supplies at the BEST prices!

You’ll receive:

  • Vendor contact information – including websites
  • Showroom locations and order information
  • Video interviews with suppliers
  • My personal notes about my favorites
  • Vendors that ship to Canada and Internationally
  • Where to shop if you don’t have a sales tax ID #

Plus much, much more!

In the new “My Secret Vendors”, we have updated information for our favorite vendors!  We have also added 9 brand new vendors.

Did you know that My Secret Vendors is for ALL crafters  and All Handmade items?  It is not just for wreaths and wreath designers!

There are eight vendors who carry craft supplies for handmade items and we’ll be adding more and more as we continually update this information just for you.


“Nancy, I am so very grateful to you for releasing the secret vendors list to us. These are absolutely invaluable, especially to those of us just starting in the business.

Nowhere else would we find a professional who would share this “insider” information.

To be able to purchase such a variety of professional supplies at wholesale cost is such a blessing. Previously I had to buy retail and there was less variety and of course the cost was much higher. It was difficult to make a profit until the secret vendor list was available.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what this act of generosity has meant to me.”
-Sharon R-
“There is so much good information in your book and I refer to it often.
I wish that I had known about you first!
Unfortunately, I had already gone to the Atlanta Market before purchasing “Secret Vendor List”, and made many of the mistakes you talked about.
I spent way too much money on high priced items and floral stems that I still have and can’t get rid of because of the cost.
Your vendors list helped me avoid the expensive wholesalers on my next trip to Market!”
-Sue W-

“Reach for the Sky & Learn to Fly!”

“Remember… You CAN do it! I know you can!”


Signature Nancy



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