Happy Mother’s Day!

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From Me to You

I wanted to take this time today to wish you, , a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope that you’ll get to spend time with your children and grand-children if you have any. 

flowers 34For some of you, this day may bring sad thoughts.  Your children may live so far away that you may not get to see them, and if so, I want to be the first to wish you:
“Happy Mother’s Day”!

All of our flowers seem to burst forth just in time for this special day each and every year.  My roses are blooming everywhere, so I certainly will take a beautiful bouquet to Steve’s mom on Sunday.

Every year when my roses start to bloom, I am reminded that I failed to cut them back for the season before they started blooming.  Oh well, they are huge, and beautiful!  I Love them!




Mother’s Day Makes This Season SO Special!

I’m so thankful to be “Mom” to 2 wonderful boys and “Mimi” to my sweet grandchildren! Steve and I are so blessed to have our family live near us so we can be involved in their lives and stay close!

My own mother passed away several years ago and while I miss her dearly, we are still blessed to have Steve’s Mom nearby. At the age of 91, she is the true matriarch of our family!


I Love the Butterflies Which Drop By For A Visit Each Day!

It is such a special time of year! Spring is in full force with flowers blooming everywhere! butterfly 42

I’m not the only one enjoying this weather; I’ve seen so many colorful birds and spunky squirrels outside my office window!

Have you been spending a lot of time outside lately? It’s so good for your health and your soul!

I just love sitting on my back porch, taking in the sweet scent of Carolina Jasmine and watching the butterflies dance along my garden!


What Are Some Of Your Favorite Memories of Mother’s Day?

Some of my favorite memories of Mother’s Day involve the hand crafted notes and poems from my boys. Little painted hand prints arranged as flower bouquets and words written in crayons always made me smile!

I have saved them all and hope to be able to put them in scrap books for each son!


A New Hot Trend

You’ve heard me say this before and I know you’ve seen it with your own eyes – the hottest trend right now is Chevron! It’s everywhere!

Take a walk around your local mall and you will see it on summer dresses and blouses; it’s showing up on throw pillows for your couch and on curtains in baby rooms! If you attend a wedding this summer, you will probably see this pattern appear in the decorations!

LadyBug Wreaths is all about the “wild and woodsy” look, so combining chevron and burlap is a match made in decorating heaven!

For the last two weeks, I shared with you some fun DIY ideas for using our gorgeous chevron burlap ribbon!  Haven’t purchased any yet? Head on over to LadyBug Certified to pick out your favorite colors!

The chevron bow attached to a chair is still one of my favorite ways to highlight a special event! If you missed out on our great short video on how to attach a bow to a chair, check out our video here. It’s easy to follow and super fun! I promise you can do it!  https://ladybugwreaths.com/lets-party-your-celebrations-your-way/






Note About Jim Cockrum – My Friend – My Mentor

I have been receiving many questions lately about the Jim Cockrum whom I talk about often.  2014-05-08_2028

I have been encouraged, coached, and mentored by this highly ethical and moral Internet marketer.  If not for him, my business would definitely NOT be where it is today.

Jim’s PAC (Proven Amazon Course) has made a difference in our lives.  If you want any information about it, just click on HERE.


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