Give God Your Best

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Happy New Year!
Give God Your Best

It has been some year for us and “Ladybug”! We have experienced MANY growing pains! Now, that really is a good thing, but, not so good when you’re going through it!!

We outgrew Best of Nancy in 2016, and grew into “Nancy’s Inner Circle”, (

That in itself was a HUGE deal because we had to set up a brand new “Inner Circle” website! We created new programs, new instructional videos, and many other new training programs. In addition, we reworked and updated previous training… so we were BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! My staff and I worked for months tackling this huge project.

Thank you Steve, Chris, Rhea, Heather, Bernita, Jo Dee, Shelley, and my Leadership Team members!! I couldn’t have done any of this without your invaluable help and expertise!

Growing pains continued as we moved out entire data base of Inner Circle Members THREE TIMES! First to a new email program – we chose Active Campaign! Second was to move to a new Word Press installation, and the third move, which just happened in the last few weeks, was to new membership software – Memberpress.

Each was a necessary move so we could take care of the many new members joining us daily! I am honored that you put your trust in me as I am blessed to be able to lead you into an exciting future as you grow your artistic talents and learn how to sell your creations online!


He gave us a gift to develop and to master. Along with each gift, he put a DESIRE in our hearts as well as a DREAM to grow these gifts. If we give up – if we fail – if we don’t even try, we are not trusting in God. We fail Him when we give up and don’t give it our best.

So MY GOAL FOR 2017 is to encourage and help you “GIVE IT YOUR BEST”.

Let’s GROW together! Let’s LEARN together!
Let’s trust GOD as we reach for each DREAM He has dreamed for each of us! After all… His Dreams are MORE than we could EVER imagine!

Happy New Year, dear, dear ladies! Love, Nancy

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