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I have a gift for you!  It is a free chapter out of “Sunflower Garden”.

I want you to see how I use ficus leaves in my wreaths, and this is a perfect example! Also, as the same time, I am going to offer you an awesome price for this same Kindle book.

I have scheduled a Kindle Countdown Timer to begin tomorrow morning, Saturday, 7-26-14.  This Kindle price of my book starts out in the morning at .99.  Watch the clock timer to see how long you have to purchase at .99 before the price goes up a notch.

This is fun!  This is exciting!  And, you get a chance to receive one of my Best-Selling Instructional Kindle books at .99 instead of $5.95!



Ficus Leaves

Ficus Leaves have always been a key component in my wreath designs.  They are such an important step in creating my “Wild & Woodsy” designs! FICUS LEAVES PICS 007_edited-1-w400

These greens may seem ordinary to the untrained eye, but I promise you that they will make a huge difference in every wreaths!

The secret – well, that”s in how you use them!

With the long leaf stem of a ficus branch, you can create a large and airy look for your wreath by carefully placing these stems to radiate from your wreath!

Often I use around 3 different types of greenery in my wreaths, but the ficus is the most important.  It provides a depth and lushness to your style!  Yes… wreaths can look lush!

As you learn to use ficus leaves and greenery in your wreaths, it is so important for you to understand that you don’t want all the stems to come our from the wreath at the exact same distance all around.  Some should be longer, and some should be shorter.  Some should curl forward, and some should curl backward.




Where Can I Purchase These Ficus Leaves?

Remember:  Be sure to read the FREE CHAPTER on Greenery to learn how to cut your ficus stems and properly place them in your wreaths!  Just like building a firm foundation on a house, you want to check each stem as you place them and make sure they are secure before moving on.

Enjoy reading this chapter and find me on FaceBook to talk about what you learned!  I’d love to hear from you!

You can also find me on Twitter@LadybugWreaths!

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