Finding Your Own Style…

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I am so happy today!  I was blessed to be able to teach and encouraged four beautiful and talented ladies to “Find Their Own Style” in my workshop on Thursday and Friday!

This workshop is the reason my newsletter is a day late coming out.  I know you look for my Friday morning newsletter.  You do make me feel so special when the emails start coming in to make sure I’m okay when you realize my newsletter is not found in your inbox by noon.  Thank you so much for your concern!

Each and every one of these workshops is such an inspiration to me.  I really look forward to them.  I enjoy getting out in my studio setting up stations with easels, blank wreaths, and special ladybug totes which hold wreath-making tools for the day.  And, I am encouraged by each lady who walks through the doors of my studio, knowing that they will leave with a unique style that I played a part in helping them find.

When ladies start arriving, it’s as though we are already friends as we greet with hugs, and laughter.  But, we do form even more amazing friendships during these one and two day workshops.  As I teach and instruct, I learn about what may be holding each student back when learning to design their own wreaths.

I just love my time with these special women who attend my classes! We laugh,  talk non-stop and have so much fun as they are learning my wreath-making secrets, and as I enjoy watching their own personal style emerge in the process.


This week was extra special for several reasons.  I was able to meet a sweet friend, Susan Thomas.  She is a member of Best Of Nancy, our membership – coaching site.  Susan and I have been talking back and forth in the forum for a couple of years now… and to finally get to meet her was wonderful.  Susan is a very talented lady with such a caring heart.  She has the opportunity to grow an amazing business with her talent, and her desire to grow an amazing business!


Then, there is Connie McManus.  Connie grew up with a mother who designed wreaths for many years, so she had some knowledge of the process.  But, Connie told me things had changed a lot since she had learned wreath design.  She did an excellent job with her beautiful wreath learning many new techniques along the way.  Connie, you have great things in store for you. 🙂


I loved having my daughter-in-law, Sara join us for this class.  She has designed a couple of wreaths with me before, but this time, she made her own; and she made it in her own style, which is beautiful!  Sara, you possess an amazing talent which ensures you’ll become a success in whatever you decide to do.  I’m so happy you made this beautiful wreath for a special friend.


Beverly Henderson has made many beautiful wreaths!  She attended a private, one-on-one workshop with me last year, and has grown quite a successful wreath design business.  She helps in many my workshops now as she takes pictures, and makes more beautiful wreaths…learning more tips and techniques as she grows.


Do You Know What Your Style Is?
There Are Many Ways to Discover it…

Popular home decor changes as quickly as trendy hairstyles, pop music and fashion! In this day and age when most anything “goes”, it’s hard to find your own personal style for your home!

Your closet is a great place to start on your journey to find your own style. Most people wear colors they feel confident and comfortable in. You want your home to convey that same feeling.

My shabby-chic, cottage style has evolved and grown as I’ve grown more comfortable in my own skin. As with any adventure, there is a process of trial and error. When I think back to some design choices I made years ago, I can only laugh and shake my head.

Even though, I have finally found “me” in color and design… there is a process going on within all the time, as I am still growing and changing.  So will you!


YEA!  It’s Finally Here!Do


Now Available for Purchase
In Ladybug Certified!


That’s Right!  Ladybug Certified now offers brand new Chevron Ribbon available for purchase. 
We have been waiting for this particular ribbon for quite some time, and now it is finally here!

We offer many colors as you can see in the picture above.  I know there will be one that you’ll LOVE using in your wreath designs.

This ribbon is #40 wired ribbon is thicker, but at the same time, it is easy to hold when designing your wreath.  I love using this ribbon, and since it is wider, and thicker, you don’t have to use nearly as many yards (or loops) when making a bow.  Trust Me!  Your bow will still be showy and exceptional!  Just look at the gorgeous bow in the picture of a wreath below…


Filling up Our May Workshop…
Be sure to fill out your application quickly to get your
name in for our upcoming May workshop

Is that special person you?

The Following Date is Left for Spring Workshops:

May 15th and 16th (filling up)


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