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 If You’re Like me, You Only Want
the Best Materials for Your Creations!

I exhibit pride in all my creations. Those of you who feel the same way understand that I want wreath designs sold by Ladybug Wreaths to be the very best in terms of quality materials – at the lowest costs. Ladybug Wreaths has an excellent reputation! Do you know why? We make sure that our wreaths are constructed in such a way that they will last for years. Also, our designs, including the materials we use are very different as well as unique.

secret wreath suppliers

  • The flowers that are used are hand-picked by me. I have certain standards which I go by, and these standards have grown Ladybug Wreaths into the amazing business it is today!
  • Our Birch Wreaths are one-of-a-kind, hand-made, and put together especially for us. You’ll never find other wreaths just like ours anywhere!
  • Greens… Well, our greens are as unique and different as our style. If you look outside – all around you, there are so many different types and shades of greens in nature which color our beautiful earth. I always remember this when choosing the large mix of greens which Ladybug Wreaths are made of.

Stems, flowers, etc. are tied in when necessary along with hot glue to make sure that they will last for many seasons to come. You see, one of a designer’s most closely guarded secrets is her supplier list – the exact supplies to get and which vendors to approach.

wreath supplies

Choosing The Wrong Supplier

Choosing the wrong supplier is extremely costly in terms of both TIME and MONEY. Here’s what I mean…

  1. First, you are not going to be happy with their service & with the problems they create for you.
  2. You are going to have to spend your precious time trying to reach them on the phone with problems and leaving messages over and over with NO returned calls!
  3. You are going to be overcharged for their goods.
  4. Then, likely, their quality is going to be second rate or just plain shoddy.
  5. That creates severe (and sometimes lasting) problems with your customers, when they find the goods they buy from you don’t hold up.
  6. We haven’t even talked about the time – hours, days, even months — you will spend trying to deal with an unscrupulous dealer.
  7. And what about that fantastic supplier, that you could have been saving time, money and effort with, while you were dealing with your worst nightmare? Your competitor is probably enjoying them!

overwhelmed shopper

Here are some specific examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Orders can be simply, and mysteriously lost…
  • Even after taking your order, you may find they are sold out and you will never receive it…
  • Or, orders are written wrong and you may receive 50 dozen of an item of which you only wanted 5 dozen…
  • You receive large quantities of several different items you absolutely, positively DID NOT order…
  • Sometimes, sales reps are just hard to reach to place an order, so you end up having to call the order department. You have to leave a message because they have more business than they know what to do with.

These are just a few of the many problems I experienced when picking and choosing between literally hundreds of vendors to come up with my “Cherished Supplier List!”

So, with that being said, how do YOU find the right suppliers?

Well, mostly it’s a matter of trial and error. Recommendations from friends and associates who’ve done business with them can definitely help. And, if you really want the shortcut to the “mother lode,” you can always take a look at my secret list I’ve put together for you.

my secret vendors

This eBook pictured above is filled with amazing tips
and secrets which will surprise & delight you!

Remember, finding and keeping good quality suppliers, with reasonable prices, terms and shipping costs is critical to your success. It can mean the difference between your business making money this year or ending up with costly mistakes…but you can always endure them and just make gifts for yourself, family and friends. You know that I am trying to help you by selling the same supplies that I use but I know that some of you want to shop yourselves, or want to buy wholesale. That is why I share my vendors with you in “My Secret Vendors”. Hundreds of ladies are using my vendors to find quality supplies at discount prices.

Saved Me Time & Money…

The “Secret Vendor List” was the Best Investment I ever made. I definitely have saved a lot of money by purchasing directly from one favorite vendor, and will be returning to them again for future orders. Shipping is fast, and shipping charges are reasonable. You have taken the fear factor out of approaching many vendors. I know I would not have done so if it wasn’t for all the details you give for each vendor. It truly is a wonderful list! ~Eugenia L.~

Great Resources…

Not only has it saved me tons of money, it has given me a resource to purchase Deco Mesh. There are very few stores in my area who carry mesh, let along work wreaths, etc.  One stop shopping. I know who I can and can’t afford to shop with. ~Christine M.~

Invaluable Insider Information…

Nancy, I am so very grateful to you for releasing the secret vendors list to us. These are absolutely invaluable, especially to those of us just starting in the business. Nowhere else would we find a professional who would share this “insider” information. To be able to purchase such a variety of professional supplies at wholesale cost is such a blessing.Previously I had to buy retail and there was less variety and of course the cost was much higher. It was difficult to make a profit until the secret vendor list was available. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what this act of generosity has meant to me. ~Sharon R.~

This eBook is not for everyone. You need this book if:

  • You want to turn your hobby into a business which earns extra income
  • You have a Tax ID number so you can purchase wholesale supplies at the lowest prices
  • You want to have the “best” supplies at wholesale prices

My Secret Vendors

NOTE: If this eBook is not for you, and you love making wreaths or floral arrangements, you will want to take a look at the supplies that I use, and am selling at


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