Tap into my own secret resources with “My Secret Vendors” Ebook.

In Addition to the Ebook, You’ll get:


Vendor contact information, including websites
Video interviews with suppliers
Vendors that ship to Canada & International
Where to shop if you don’t have a sales tax ID

Bonus Ebooks

Bonus #1 How to Shop at Your Local Craft Store ($77 Value)
Bonus #2 How to Shop at the Largest Gift Markets in the World
Bonus #3 How to Box & Ship a Wreath ($27 Value)

DIY Ebooks

How to Make a Christmas Wreath
How to Make a Spring or Summer Wreath
How to Make a Sunflower Wreath
How to Make a Spring Magnolia Door Wreath

With this combination of resources and information, you will...

Be able to create unique and memorable gifts and treasures for loved ones that will last a lifetime.

Whether you want to add creative new pieces to your own store inventory or to sell them online through eCommerce outlets like Etsy, Facebook, or a website, you’ll have access to the experts for help and instruction.

Or just for the pure enjoyment of making your own decorative wreaths for all occasions throughout the year for your own home.

The best crafting resource with amazing bonus items!

Thirty Years of Researched & Trusted Vendors
Offering The Best Quality Materials,
With The Best Pricing, and With The Best Terms!

Are you Ready to Learn the Following?

How not to choose the wrong vendor

Find the perfect sales rep

How NOT to be naïve in the showroom and be empowered when you talk to sales reps

How NOT to spend more than you should

Create expensive-looking creations with less expensive flowers and accents.

Learn to pack your wreath securely by tying it down to the bottom of the box.

Learn how to cut down the box and save on Shipping Costs!

Save money by finding the best prices on craft supplies. Save time by not having to research vendors.

How to make a beautiful and exquisite Christmas wreath that will have all your neighbors talking.

Learn how to design a spring or summer wreath that literally takes your breath away.

Learn how to make small or extra large summer wreaths with step-by-stepdetailed instructions with no experience.


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