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I’m interested in getting started selling wreaths, what do I do?

You have several options. I offer one-on-one online coaching where we can discuss your ideas and designs and suggestions. This type of coaching is $500 a month.

Next is our private community, Best Of Nancy. You’ll find many instructional videos and PDFs along with free instructional, how-to videos. These instruct you as to how to set up an Etsy store, a Facebook page, and lots more. We just lowered the cost of Best of Nancy from $47 per month to $19.97 per month! We want to give you more content and charge you less! Isn’t that awesome?!

We’ll also be offering webinars as well as group coaching if you cannot do the one-on-one coaching just yet.

If you are just getting started in designing, I have many DVDs and videos for sale to give you instructions in wreath making. You can find these in the products section of my website.

If this answer didn’t help you please click here to contact me for further support: Contact Support

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