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Hectic & Wonderful Sunday Afternoon!

My daughter-in-law, Sara, has a college friend who is a wonderful photographer.  She has taken some of the greatest black and white photos of Ava and Lucas which I’ll post some of later…

Anyway, she came to my house on Sunday afternoon to take pictures of the whole family out in our garden and the pergola.  She did such a wonderful job, that I want to post some here for you to see.  It’s hard picking out which ones to show you, because we have over 600! 

My sweet Hubby, Steve has the magic touch.  Lucas loves his Poppy so much and plays with him continuously. 

Even little Ava at only 2 months old follows every move he makes with her deep beautiful eyes.  In this picture, you’ll see that no one can calm a tired little girl like her “Poppy”!

The Handsome Men in My Life!!  These four “guys” are the best.  Steve is a wonderful husband and father.  And our sons, Matt and Andy are the most loving, caring, Christian men.  It just takes my breath away sometimes to know how very blessed I am to have such  a wonderful family.

This one was hard to take because Sebastian, my King Charles Cavalier just loves to give kisses, so Lucas and I are holding down his head so we don’t get licked to death!

And little Ava Grace is so tired, she is just starting to drift off!

Steve truly is the Love of my Life!  I knew it from the first moment I met him 38 years ago!  We’ve been through many ups and downs with my fibromyalgia.  He is my constant, my peace, and my joy!  Thank you God!

We am so very blessed that our sons have chosen wonderful, Christian women to share their lives, hopes and dreams with!


Smiles…. Nancy


 Have a wonderful day filled with many “blossoms!”

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