Fa la la la la la, la la la lahhhhhhhh….

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From Nancy & Steve Alexander of Ladybug Wreaths!

“Tis The Season To Be Jolly
Fa la la la la, la la la lahhhhhhh”

 Wishing You & Yours a Special Holiday Filled With
Joy, Laughter, and Hugs!  But, Most Importantly…
Filled With The… “Peace of The Season”


Humbled and Grateful for
Ladybug Wreaths’ Tenth Year on the Internet!

As we’re wrapping up our tenth year in business as Ladybug Wreaths,  we can’t help but pause and offer our heartfelt thanks to you, our customers, for making all this possible.

Your comments, ideas, and encouragement, not to mention your purchases, all make me very humble and grateful to be associated with such a wonderful group of “friends”!  Your progress as students is so gratifying to me and just what a teacher and mentor wants to see and hear.

As you continue to support me, I pledge to continue to give you my best, from the beautiful wreaths and other creations that come out of the Ladybug Wreaths studio, through my instructional videos (many of which are free), my decorating ideas, and technical support provided by my best friend and partner, Linda Joseph.

And, that only scratches the surface.  I haven’t even mentioned the tutoring and peer support those of you get who are among our “group” or “one-on-one” coaching students.  We’re ready to take you to success levels you haven’t even dreamed of yet.

But, the best IS literally yet to come!  Ladybug Wreaths has launched another project:  to expand coaching with many new group and face-to-face opportunities that will roll out in the coming year.  We are truly excited about this redirection of our efforts and talents that so many of you have been requesting.  Our new & exciting business plans will be announced with the beginning of the new year.

For now, let me again express my deep gratitude for each and every one of you…for your steadfast support, your encouraging words and for your gifts and talents that Ladybug Wreaths has had the privilege of unveiling to the world.

Have a blessed Christmas and we’ll make it a happy New Year together!

Below is a snapshot of the wreaths we now have left to purchase.
Don’t wait too long to grab up your favorite — they are going fast!




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