Displaying Your Wreaths: Where & How…

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There are MANY places in my home where I like to display wreaths.

I am often asked how to display beautiful wreaths, whether you purchase them or make your own.  There are many locations in your home where a wreath would add so much warmth.  First of all, I believe that displaying a wreath on your front door is a must for special holidays!  Actually, I keep a wreath on my front door all the time, changing it out for special seasons and holidays.  And, I display double wreaths on my glass double doors which go out to my porch.  You can see a picture where I displayed Christmas Wreaths below:

But, there are other places in your home where a wreath can add that very special touch.  In our home, everyone enters through our back door (the breezeway door), so I always “display a wreath” hanging over my potting table in my breezeway.  And, on the other side of the breezeway, during Christmas especially, I have matching wreaths hanging on the double doors which enter my studio.  You can see pictures of these below.

You can probably tell it, but I’ll tell you why the wreath above my potting table looks so old.  That’s because it is!  But I still LOVE this wreath.  It has a large, full-sized bird house which is filled with birds every single season.  I just cannot bear to take that one apart!

A small wreath in a bathroom or a bedroom with some dainty flowers and maybe a sweet bird perched on her nest is a beautiful way to enhance each room by adding more color and texture on a wall. This wreath is filled with roses, and mini wisteria, and lots of greens — mainly ivy which is trailing out along the wild birch stems.  I love this one too!  You would think that, being a wreath-maker, I would change out my wreaths on a regular basis, but I don’t.  I find some that I really like, and I just keep on using them for years and years.  That’s how well made our wreaths are… lol.

In the picture below, I have a small niche in our home where I hang wreaths changing them out for each season as you can see in these pictures.

displaying your wreaths inside your home
Here’s another picture of the double glass doors which open to our back porch.  I hang green wreaths on the outside of these doors and have found that it makes the inside much more inviting also to have wreaths of the same size hanging back-to-back on the inside of my doors.

Displaying Christmas Wreaths Outside
Do you have windows above your kitchen sink?  How about hanging a large wreath there.  I have double windows above my sink, so we hang my very favorite wreath right in the center between both of them at Christmas.  I get a lot of compliments from guests when they see I have a large wreath hanging there.  You can see the picture of that one below.

There are so many other great spots for your favorite wreath such as a bathroom, over a mantle, and on a pantry door.  We even hang wreaths at Christmastime on many of our inside doors.  Oh, I almost forgot… I wanted to show you one of my outdoor wreaths.  I have four of these that I hang inside, and outside my pergola in our garden.  The windows are antique with no glass in them, but the wreaths still look wonderful hanging there.

Where to display your wreaths -- outside

So…There are many places where wreaths are pretty, appropriate,
and draw the eye of friends and guests…just be creative!

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