Decorating my Porch for Christmas

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I’m a Porch “Gal” & I LOVE Decorating it for Christmas!

Down South, in Anderson, South Carolina to be exact, we spend lots of time on our porches.


You see, I was born in the South.  When I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my grandmother, which I did often, she and I enjoyed our very special spot on her screened porch together. We rocked back and forth in unison in the pair of old wooden rockers which had developed very special squeaks from years of use.

We shared something very special, my Ma-Ma and I; it was a love of color, nature, flowers and birds. As a matter of fact, I believe I take after my grandmother more than anyone else in my life.  I’ll always remember that a little before 4 pm in the afternoon, she would announce that it was time to go out to the porch.   As we rocked back and forth on her large screened in porch each afternoon, the hummingbirds appeared at the same time each day.  You guessed it!  It was 4 pm on the dot.

Ma-Ma and I sat in those squeaky old chairs as we watched and listened for the ‘hummers’ diving in and out searching for the perfect nectar-filled blooms. Those were some of the most special times of my childhood. She taught me how to sew, crochet and paint my fingernails sitting on her ‘homey’, eclectic porch.

I love it that as we enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday, much of our family sat on the porch talking, playing checkers, and just enjoying the 74 degree weather of the South.  I had already starting decorating for Christmas the day before, so my porch was homey and eclectic just as Ma-Ma’s porch would have been  I could almost feel her presence and hear her words and squeals of laughter as if she were with us.

I’ll soon be showing you some of the ways we decorate my porch for the holidays.

Do you have a porch where you enjoy spending time?  There’s something to be said about staring off into the vast expanse of the sky while wondering what each new day will hold… or reflecting about what each day held as nightfall approaches. There is always something to be said about relaxing and enjoying God’s presence as I watch the night fall after a busy day.

I’d love for you to join me on my porch one day… we could sit and talk a spell as we share a nice glass of ‘southern’ sweet tea.

We’ll be talking more about my porch as I share more of my thoughts and photos soon.


9 Responses

  1. Looking forward to all your Christmas decorating. I have fond memories of my grandmother sitting on her porch, every afternoon, in a glider, drinking a Coke and watching the birds and squirrels in the big Oak trees in her yard. She had one squirrel that would come down and take a nut from her everyday. What great memories we made together.

  2. I like to sit on my front porch when its raining. Until the rain gets going then I come in and sit in my sun porch. Its nice to sit out there and watch the rain.

  3. Dear Nancy,
    How I loved reading that post today. I needed to read that post today! It brought tears. Sweet memories and reflections on this life God has given me. I’m in a “weird” place mentally right now. So I thank you . You are truly a treasure.

    1. Thank you Jan for your sweet note. I’m glad it stirred up emotions – good memories and reflections. God has given me so much that I need to write posts like that to remind my own self how very blessed I am.

      God Bless… Nancy

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