“Home For The Holidays With Nancy”

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 Deco Mesh Christmas Tree
“Home For The Holidays With Nancy”

Beautiful Deco Mesh Christmas Tree From Ladybug Wreaths
Hey !  I’ve been looking forward to talking with you today!  There is so much going on around here, I thought we would catch up a little.

Have you checked out my videos on my YouTube Channel lately?

  • I am amazed!
  • I am astounded!
  • My YouTube Channel will be reaching “The Big ONE” in 3 or 4 days!
  • The Big ONE is “ONE MILLION VIEWS” of my videos.
  • We are going to “CELEBRATE WITH FREE STUFF” (read more below…)


I want to tell you about a neat app for smart phones.  When our grandchildren were here from Charleston, we took them shopping at Toys r Us to get ideas.  My son put this app on my smart phone before we went.  I want to tell you what it is because I LOVE IT!  The name of it is ShopSavvy , for Android or iPhone.  As we walked around the store scanning bar codes of favorite toys, each item was added to a separate list for each child.  And, most of the time a picture was added.  If one wasn’t available, it gave me the option of taking a picture myself.  I can now look at the list for each child, click on the item, and find the cheapest place to get it online or in a store.  You can use it for ALL of your gift giving!  It’s fun, and it saves you money without running from store to store.

What else have I been up to?  Well, I have started decorating!  The best part about this is — I filmed a video for you showing me decorating our new tree with deco mesh, ribbons, glittering fillers, and ornaments.  It turned out GREAT!  I think you’ll love it and want to decorate one for yourself.

You can read about “Deco Mesh Christmas Tree”,  Home For The Holidays, below.

Home For The Holidays” With Nancy

Nancy is Proud to Introduce Her Latest Downloadable Video…


This downloadable/immediately viewable video is offered for a limited time at a special price of only $29.97.  This way you don’t have to wait to receive your DVD in the mail and can start decorating your Deco Mesh tree right away!


“Deco Mesh Christmas Tree”


Deco Mesh is exciting, new, glistening and is the newest – greatest product in the floral world since 1981!  Everyone wants to learn how to use deco mesh in their wreaths, Christmas trees, garlands and much more!  I decided to decorate my personal Christmas tree this year in deco mesh so I could film it for you.  I was pleasantly surprised at how my beautiful, showy tree catches the light from all angles.

My husband loves it, I love it… and, I know you’ll love it.  At night when we turn off all the lights, you can see our tree lights sparkling and glistening through the deco mesh reflecting against all the metallic threads.  You’ll have to take my word for it ladies…it really doesn’t matter how old your tree is.  It doesn’t matter how skimpy your tree may be, it even doesn’t matter if your older tree may be faded, because when you add deco mesh and ribbons in the methods that I teach, you’ll end up with an EXQUISITE tree that friends and family will be “awed” over!

This video is an hour long.  It shows you ‘My Own Personal Style’ of using Deco Mesh!  You certainly don’t want to miss learning this new and beautiful style of decorating your tree.  I promise, you’ll be ecstatic with the results you’ll receive!

Limited Time Price is ONLY $29.97 for this Downloadable / Viewable Video!!


I can hardly believe that I will be reaching ONE MILLION Views on my YouTube Channel in the next few days!!




Watch your email!  As soon as we reach ONE MILLION views, we are going to **CELEBRATE**, we are going to **PARTY**, we are going to give away exciting **FREE PRIZES**

Yes, that’s right!  You heard me right!  Did I spell it right?  Am I reading these numbers right?  Yes, Yes, Yes, & Yes…  I am only 24,050 views away from ONE MILLION!!  And, in the last few days, I am averaging around 7,000 views per day!  WOW… I am TOTALLY overwhelmed!

I am overwhelmed that I have so many faithful customers, students, and friends who have watched and learned from my videos.  I am overwhelmed that so many of you “know, like, & trust” me.  I am overwhelmed when I think of how many women (and men) out there are making wreaths, bows, and arrangements because they have learned a skill from me.

I am overwhelmed that God has given me a gift that can be shared with others — most of whom I don’t personally know.  I am a little teary-eyed this morning as I think of how God has graced me with the ability to share this gift with you.

I went through so much with my chronic illness.  But now I know that I was being equipped by Him to encourage, teach, and love those of you who are right where I was for over 30 years!  I will probably always be there to some extent – but not anything like before!  My life has changed!  It is amazing!  And… I am so grateful!!

I am honored to be able to encourage you by teaching you something that will bring joy, self-worth, and a purpose to your lives.  I would love more than anything to have all of you making and selling wreaths on the Internet right along beside me!

I do love and care about each of you more than you’ll ever know.

4 Responses

  1. Nancy,
    I just wanted to say “Thank You” for your inspiration!! you have know idea how much you have motivated me! I really do ADORE you!! I have purchased many of your videos and look forward to many more! and just when I think I can’t do this like Nancy, I watch one of your videos and you are there encouraging me, I have come along ways and I have made many wreathes for family and friends for the Holidays, Thank you so much!!!
    Cindy Pate

    1. Thanks Cindy for your sweet note. It makes it all worthwhile to know that I somehow make a difference in your life as well as many others!

      We have lots of new things coming in 2013, so keep your eyes open… :o)

      Smiles… Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Yes I have been on you tube several times watching you. I also wanted to tell you that your tree is beautiful. Thank you for caring about all of us.

    I hope you have a blessed and Merry Christmas.

    1. You are so welcome Janice! I loved making my tree, and am still enjoying it.

      And yes, I certainly do care about each of you — more than you’ll ever know.

      We have had a wonderful Christmas as I hope you have. Happy New Year! Nancy

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