Crafter’s Spotlight: Nanette Phan

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13515285_10205339826375756_476579968_n.pngWe are proud to announce that Nanette Phan is our next crafter to be featured in the “Crafter Spotlight”. Nanette started designing wreath’s after she was not able to find a wreath for her own front door made of quality materials at a price she could afford. She is a self-taught artist with a gift to create.

Hi!! My name is Nanette Phan. I am a full time parallel/legal secretary and I have worked for the same attorney for the past 13 years. I’ve also been married for 24 years and the mother of 3 boys, 24, 20 and 18.

My story is pretty simple, last October I wanted a wreath for my door so I headed out to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I was disappointed with the wreaths available and to tell you the truth; I didn’t think they were worth the price tag. So, I searched a couple of local wreath shops and again the prices were too high!! 13563268_10205339833295929_1911272853_n

Well, I came to the conclusion that I could make one myself, so I ventured out to get supplies after watching a couple of you tube videos. With supplies in hand and a lot of determination I started and BOY not as easy as the videos make it look!! So I tried and tried and took apart and put back again and so on, until I was sort of happy with MY wreath.

I showed my pride and joy to some family and of course posted on Facebook and to my surprise I started getting messages to please make me one. So I did to the tune of about 20 wreaths for Halloween. Then my hubby stepped in and said you should start a little business doing this because you love it!! So I did! Nothing fancy just making my wreaths after work and on the weekends from my kitchen table.

13535650_10205339828895819_1721389909_n.png I decided to apply to participate in  a local Art Walk. I had to submit pictures of my work and after a couple of months I found out I was invited! Then a big downfall happened, my husband lost his job after working for the same company for 7 years.This lil side business actually helped out in really hard times.

This is where I am today, still working my full time job and doing what I love in the evenings and weekends. I pray that in the near future I can open a shop and do what I love to do full time!! I do have some medical issues and actually find that my hobby is quite therapeutic. So, with the help of the good Lord I will continue to get better and continue on my journey!


You can find Nanette on Facebook at

Visit her Etsy Shop at

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