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In Our 5-Week Etsy Training Course
You’ll Learn All the Basics for
Making Money by Selling Your Designs On Etsy!




Are you tired of pricing your designs way to low
in order to sell them?

Are you struggling to keep your prices low enough
to sell your handmade creations in your hometown?

Are you sick and tired of investing money into a hobby
that brings such joy – but not nearly enough income?



The Answer to All The Above
Is a Fully Optimized Etsy Shop!


I Tried These First Before Finding What Really Worked

Selling my own Handmade Wreath Designs was hard as a brand new business. I had sold in my hometown for years. So, after closing my Storefront Business, I still wanted to sell in Anderson.

  • I tried selling on consignment.
  • I tried renting spaces in three separate booths in upscale antique and gift shops.
  • I had already gone the route of craft shows and knew I would never do that again.
  • I had my own website. The old saying, “build it and they would come” was not true!
  • My next choice – eBay. I did REALLY well on eBay at first, selling from 10 to 30 wreaths per week.
  • Ebay changed causing Power Sellers to leave – me along with them.


I found a “Tried & True”
Online e-Commerce Store – ETSY


I Looked at Many Different Options & Opportunities…
What Made Me Choose Etsy?


Etsy is an online selling e-commerce platform promoting “handmade items” with a great reputation.

The higher priced items with a quality look and feel were exactly what I was searching for. I believe it is easier to price your handmade goods at a price they’re worth in an ecommerce store such as Etsy.

After all, if you devalue your items by pricing them too low, your potential customers will only believe they are only worth the price you’re asking. On Etsy, I feel comfortable asking the price I believe my wreath designs are worth.


Our 5-Week Etsy Intensive Training Course
Is The Answer For You To Sell on Etsy Profitably


With “Etsy Intensives” We Will Walk You Through
All The Steps to Sell Online Through Your Very Own Etsy Shop

I was very successful in eBay; reaching “Power Seller” status after only 6 short months. For years, I was quietly bringing in substantial amounts for my wreaths as I they were bid upwards of $300 to $400 – even more, as I shipped 10 to 30 wreaths a week! I became used to customers knowing me and my work as they recognized my unique & different designs.

Already an experienced seller, I knew what to look for; I was thrilled when I checked out Etsy. Etsy fees were WAY less than eBay.

Etsy didn’t have the same traffic as eBay, but there was more direct traffic reaching the type of customers I wanted to reach. When I looked at their fees, and how to list my first wreath, I was thrilled! It was nothing like eBay, but that was a good thing.

The fact that their platform was designed to entice mostly ladies while attracting sellers who are crafters of handmade items made it my choice very quickly.

Why My Choice of ETSY Was Easy


  • No monthly membership fee for a store
  • Cost of listing an item is only .20 for four months
  • Etsy fees are 3.5% of the selling price
  • Direct and easy checkout
  • Options are offered to promote listings
  • Sell Options also offered
  • Easy auto-renew if your item doesn’t sell

In Our 5-Week Etsy Training Course
You’ll Learn All the Basics for
Making Money by Selling Your Designs On Etsy!

Who Should Take This Class:

  • Any “Artisan” with handmade items or supplies
  • You have tried selling in your hometown with no success
  • Want to grow your business and your brand
  • Need to bring in extra income
  • You want to experience the joy that selling online can bring


Who Should NOT Take This Class:

  • You are happy designing your handmade items to give as gifts
  • You don’t need to bring in extra income
  • You have no desire to start a profitable business
  • You don’t like dealing with customers

Join Me For 5 Weeks of Etsy Intensive Training!

Ask yourself these 5 questions.
If your answer is “YES” you are ready to jump into a brand new online Etsy shop:

  • Do you want to set up an online shop to sell your handmade items for the first time?
  • Do you want to generate sales in an Etsy shop you already have – but are not using to its fullest?
  • Do you want to learn Etsy with me and skip the learning curve?
  • Do you learn easier when someone takes you by the hand and leads you through each step?
  • Do you want guidance from an experienced online seller who has become very successful?


I Want to Share This Experience With You
I Want Share Your Excitement As We Set up Your Online Shop!


Reasons I’ve heard from my students as to
why they don’t set up their Etsy shop:

  • This is really scary; I might fail
  • I don’t know how to set up an Etsy shop
  • Most shops look really professional to me; I’m can’t compete
  • Too many sellers are selling the same thing as me
  • I see many well-written “about me” pages; mine won’t be that way
  • Looks like everyone has a really nice header graphic; too expensive


Reasons I know you can do it:

  • Scary is good – when you overcome your fear, your confidence grows
  • We can help you build up confidence in your own work
  • You don’t have to know how to set up an Etsy shop – that’s what Etsy Intensives are for
  • Your shop can look just as professional as any other along with “Nancy time” and training
  • There’s never too much competition! Millions upon millions shop the Internet every day
  • Competition is good – it brings more lookers, shoppers and interest to your product
  • You certainly can compete – it is my goal to make sure you can
  • “About me” pages are easy with a little instruction & encouragement
  • Headers are just one of many details that Etsy Intensives will teach you to handle


Here’s What You’re Going to Learn in our 4-week Etsy Training Course

  • Week 1: Videos 1, 2, & 3
    • Getting started – how to set up an ETSY shop
      • Username; account; shop name
    • Keywords and Listing Titles
      • List a new item
      • Use accurate titles
      • Relevant keywords
      • Etsy search engine algorithm
      • Start with accurate and precise words
      • Follow with description


  • Week 2: Videos 4, 5 & 6

    • Loading photos
      • Photos – best way for potential buyers to fall in love with your product
      • How many photos do I use?
      • First shot – main photo – importance
    • Beginning Description
      • Size
      • Materials
      • Why special
      • Let them know you – the artist – be natural
    • Description continued
    • Tag words
      • Thirteen tag words
      • Meta data
      • Holidays & trends
      • Special sales
    • Price
      • Quite personal
      • Separate choices
    • Processing time
    • Custom wreath orders



  • Week 3: Videos 7, 8 & 9

    • Financial Information Setup
      • How to get paid
      • Credit card or PayPal
      • Sales tax
    • Information & appearance
      • Tag line and slogan
    • Shop title, keywords, social media
      • Connect with Facebook & Twitter
    • Shop announcement
    • Message to buyers



  • Week 4: Video 9, & 10 & 11
    • Shop policies
    • Welcome Message
      • Tag line and slogan
    • Refund policy
    • Shipping policy
    • Whether or not to offer refunds
    • Shop title, keywords, social media
      • Connect with Facebook and Twitter
    • Shop announcement
    • Message to buyers



  • Week 5: Video 10, 11 & 12
    • Banners
      • Easiest banner
      • Create your own banner
      • Banner generator
      • Banner fans
        • Picmonkey
        • Canva
        • photoshop
        • Gimp
    • Avitars
      • Social media avitar
      • Facebook & Twitter
      • Personal photo
      • Avitars associate you with your shop




When is this class going to be held?


Webinar Class 1 –

Webinar Class 2 –

Webinar Class 3 –

Webinar Class 4 –

Webinar Class 5 –

Deadline to Register is Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, or Sunday 12th


Learn how to set up your very own Etsy Shop from the comfort of your own home.


BONUS: Look at all the bonuses you get when you register for this class


  1. Submit your shop for a personal critique – we will choose at least one per webinar!
  2. Digital copy of “Sourcing Power”
  3. Digital copy of “Spring Meadow”
  4. Private Facebook Group for Critiques and Questions (During Length of Webinar Series) DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE!!!
  5. Conversations in Grow With Nancy
  6. How to Take Photos Video – Using Backdrops for Photos
  7. PDFs, Worksheets
  8. Videos


Because of my poor health I guard my time very carefully, so it’s not often that I’m able to interact in such a hands on way with my students


What’s The Value of All This?

Considering the potential income your Etsy Shop can give you if it is set up right – where you could generate $500 to $1000 per month, the investment in this course is worth every penny

$497 and members of BON get it for $397

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