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I’m Inviting YOU to Join me

in My NEW Facebook Group:

“Grow With Nancy”

I am delivering a very special invitation to you today that can change your life!  No… I’m not kidding!

Are you a crafter or a hobbyist?  Do you make homemade items from your home?  Everyone is blessed with some sort of gift.  I started using my gift many, many years ago when I wanted to really make my home look beautiful and I had NO extra money to spend.  This is where most DIYers begin.  They want to spruce up their homes – therefore figure out how to make accessories to enhance their home decor with their own two hands.

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  1. I was blessed to be in the very first class Nancy had in her home 2+ years ago! I have made & sold many wreaths since then, but need some new energy & enthusiasm to get going with it again. Maybe there are some other ladies in this new group who are in the same situation. Sometimes seeing the beauty & enthusiasm of others and their creations can rejuvenate me. Spring is the best time for wreaths (in addition to Christmas!) as everyone is so tired of winter and is ready for the color and beauty of new wreaths. Looking forward to meeting some new "wreath-enthusiasts"!


    Mary Helen P.

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