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Make a Deco Mesh Wreath


 I know, , I’m sure you’re asking already:
“Just what is a Christmas Blast”?  Well, I’m going to tell you!

Involves Three Things!

First is my always popular “Secret Vendor List”
Second is a new deco mesh video “Deco Mesh Snowman”
Third is a collection of amazing brand new wreaths for Christmas!


Now, I know you probably already have another question:  “Why is this going on all at once?”

Here is the answer!  If you make wreaths to sell, you know that you really only have about 6 weeks left to hone your skills, purchase your supplies, design your wreaths, and sell them.

If you need to purchase more Christmas supplies for these wreaths, those supplies are flying off the shelves of retailers and wholesalers at an amazing speed.

We have been working very hard so that we have many brand new Christmas wreaths ready to release for sale on


Two Year Anniversary Sale
For Two Days Only!!


SORRY – The Sale is Over..

Secret Vendor List is still a bargin at $167


I can hardly believe that it has been TWO years since the first edition of my “Secret Vendor List” was released to the public.  And… I can hardly believe how many copies have flown out the door helping so many of you who love to make your own wreaths, get great deals on your wholesale supplies.

But, there are so many of you — customers, students, and friends — who can really benefit from my amazing list of wholesale vendors!  I want to help you get started.  I want to give you a chance to order from the very same wholesalers that I order from.  And, I really want you to be able to purchase these supplies at AMAZING wholesale prices!

And… if that isn’t enough…there have been FOUR updates in these last two years!
You get ALL of the extra bonuses which go along with it!
I have made several trips to my FAVORITE Secret Vendor so that we could film me going through one of their HUGE warehouses.  I interview the owners, I pick out many of the items I would love to purchase, I give you prices and item numbers!  Now, how easy is that?  You don’t even have to travel  there!




New Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath Video


“Deco Mesh Snowman”


Newly Filmed Downloadable Video…

“Deco Mesh Snowman Christmas” Wreath

This is a downloadable/immediately viewable video
offered for a limited time with a special price of only
$29.97 each.  This way you don’t have to wait to
receive your DVD in the mail before purchasing supplies!


“Deco Mesh Snowman”

Deco Mesh wreaths are glittering, exciting, and trendy!  They are eye-catching, and so very different than any other floral style!  Everyone wants to learn how to make these ‘showy’ wreaths!  They are literally lined up ready to purchase.   I filmed this eighty-five minute video just to show you ‘My Own Personal Style’ of using Deco Mesh!  You certainly don’t want to miss learning this new and beautiful style of wreath design, and you’ll be ecstatic to find out how really easy it is to make this one!

Limited Time Price is ONLY $29.97 for this Downloadable / Viewable Video!!




A Brand New Collection
Of Christmas Wreaths for Sale in My Etsy Shop!
These Will Be Available This Afternoon!









Don’t Forget, These New Wreaths
Plus Many More
Will Be Listed In My Etsy Shop This Afternoon!

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President at Ladybug Wreaths
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