Celebrating Students

Highlighting Wendy Shields,a VIP Private Coaching Student


Yes, it is absolutely true!  And what an amazing job she did!!

Wendy contacted me some time ago.  She was in the process of taking over their family business, the “Haymore Garden Center”.  Wendy has lots of new and exciting ideas as well as new lines she will be introducing into their garden center.  But, there was one thing she really wanted to be able to offer their faithful customers.  And that one thing was something she had no experience, and was not trained in…custom designed, one-of-a kind wreaths.

Note From Wendy:

“My VIP session was wonderful!! I felt so at ease with you and the way you teach put me in a good place and ready to learn and absorb all of your knowledge and talent. No Pressure!! I had no doubt in my mind that I could bring what I learned from you and the tools you gave me and practice and make beautiful wreaths.

Well, my first wreath officially “on my own” was sold before it was even displayed on the wall!! The salesperson still had it in her hand and it sold. beginners luck? Maybe not. The next wreath sold very quickly as well. I’m working hard and looking back at your wreaths to draw ideas for my own.

Your way of using ribbon is so unique and different and I think that is what is drawing many customers to this style of wreath.  Thanks so much for all of your help!”  ~Wendy~

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