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Give God Your Best

Happy New Year! Give God Your Best It has been some year for us and “Ladybug”! We have experienced MANY growing pains! Now, that really is a good thing, but,

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Finding Strength…

  "Hello Friends"   By Nancy Alexander I'm so excited you stopped by today to spend a little time with me…   Today, I want to share a verse of

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God’s Plans Led to an Amazing Friendship…

Through a dear friendship God has shown me very recently that He continues to follow through with His plans for my life in awesome ways, but in doing so, He has ended up using my own life to complete His plans in the life of another.

For some reason, I had an intuition or a feeling that her sweet, inviting spirit, which could only be from God, could soothe my heart. I never got up the nerve to make that call on my own. God was leading me to take a step that I could not or did not take, so he took charge and made that first step for me. “For I know the plans I have for you…”
God turned the tables and amazed us both. His plans were two-fold. Silly me… to have thought God brought Laurie into “my” life to help “me” rise above situations I couldn’t handle alone. Do you see? Did you get this? Me… me… I was thinking only of me and my pain!
Oh, but God had GREAT plans for us that day! I took picture after picture after picture. The setting was perfect, the lighting was perfect, and Laurie looked beautiful. God was present at our photo shoot! I took 850 pictures that day, and these were the best pictures I had ever taken. I know it was because God’s hands were steadying my hands that day.

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Email I Received Today

  "Email I Received Today" By, Nancy Alexander I Just Really Need to Share it With You… I received this email this morning from a lovely lady.  I thought my

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Healing Broken Hearts

  "Healing Broken Hearts" By, Nancy Alexander By God's Own Strong, Tender Hands…     I just came across this quote… and oh, how it touched me so deeply.  It talks about broken

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Following His Leading…

"Following "His" Leading" By, Nancy Alexander God's Plans for us Are Greater Than We Could Ever Imagine… I say everyday I would follow God's leading in my life no matter

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